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Attendance: Sam C III, Yellow Eyes, Bo S.

3:00 discussed illness issues, flu in meeting with HIV persons, hep C, over 50 issues

spiritual versus business approaches to writing and doing service

Let’s consider making this an NA gathering and spiritual retreat.

Recovery writing is an art form.

West coast viewpoint: define  and compare with East coast, mid-west?

Printed out two copies of Traditions Wars book, almost expended cartridge on basically two books! Wonder how much the cartridges cost?

Talked about how dramatically the Fellowship has shifted in last ten or fifteen years from a pro-active, involved questioning attitude to an attitude of acceptance and don’t question. Makes it hard to change gears and write literature! Many members over fifty years of age.

Don’t want to alienate or drive off interested members by presenting known problems areas and subjects without offering alternatives and presenting some good things too. Don’t sugar coat the truth but don’t expect readers to like vinegar alone!

Not a correctness cult. Spiritual versus worldly orientation.  Recovery writing is not a science, it is an art form.

Kermit called say he was on the way.

I moved some appendix material up into book before printing out copies. I had also done some of this in Oregon week before last. So, this is most up to date copy.

What is West Coast viewpoint now a days?

Pick up disks and floppies in AM.

Thanks to Yellow Eyes, Samantha, Chrystal and Zachery for inviting us to their home.

Sam C III, Bo S., Yellow Eyes, Ron R in attendance

6:00 local NA meeting

8:00 Dinner at Yellow Eyes

10:00 Set Goals for Weekend

Method for Traditions War book.

Make a statement or declaration, present supporting evidence, minutes or articles. Make summation and move to next subject. Full last names for clarity, for intro. We are not publishing to the world. This book will never be available in book stores.

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