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General statements about “NA Policy” work: policy making is to an extent an empty gesture in NA because addicts who are obsessed to do something will ignore, forget, wave off, fail to mention or change any policy that prevents or limits their doing as they please. In other words while we can set rules for us to follow, making rules for rule breakers is not realistic. The main message is not get so obsessed that we will make or break any unnecessary rules.

11:00 Skinny Dippin’

11:01 Spiritual Laws governing recovery material

We are like kahunas, the keepers of hidden knowledge in the Huna religion of Hawaii. We don’t hide the knowledge, it becomes hidden by every day life but we try to keep it and make it available when needed. It feels some thing like this to be active in recovery today.

In the beginning, we are looking for the one way to do things or to understand. Later, we learn there are more than one way to be right about things and what we really want is a bouquet of answers and alternatives. Writing down recovery material helps us in our daily recovery by making plain to us things that often elude understanding. Since recovery writing is processed by members according to our traditional literature method, those members benefit also in their growth and understanding. And finally, the members of NA benefit when the material becomes available to them as part of our common welfare. As the general Fellowship grows spiritually, the need for more recovery material is created and the process begins anew.

Saturday Morning

Kermit and I got to house at 10:30. Brian and Ron came in with groceries. Need a new printer cartridge.

Let’s plan a conference in Naples, Florida and Washington, DC

Ron R. shared: “Number one thing I need to say first is; Thanks to Grover N. for helping me to get to Draper, I would not be here without his support.

“I next need to say that on Friday morning I awoke at 4:30AM  eager and ready to go. I went to email a few people before leaving. Then the strangest thing happened, out of nowhere I hear this voice saying ‘don’t go to Draper Ron, send Grover back the help he sent you to get there and sit at home and just chill out.’

“I knew this was my disease talking to me in my own voice. I can and do tell it to go take a hike and leave me the hell alone. I knew that Bo S. was going to be there and I had not

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