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seen him in many years. Seeing Kermit O. was a plus and meeting Yellow Eyes was icing on the cake. The point I guess I am trying to make is after a while the disease stops telling us to use and starts to come at us in new directions and we better be able to know when that is happening as it may have made me miss the best weekend I have had in a long time.”

Saturday Afternoon

We began reading and discussing the Traditions War book. Kermit set it: several Traditions, one ongoing war. While there were interruptions and we went to meetings both nights, we got through all the material. So, the Traditions War: a pathway to peace has been group conscienced and is ready for a review form. According to our Group Policy, we will have the material printed as a review copy and make it available on our websites, Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. and Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.. Yellow Eyes was very attentive and we were all very comfortable, Ron on the couch, Kermit and I at the Hampton Inn.

Bill and Ronny came in, we resumed reading at page 17.

The victors write the history books.  There is value in positive redundancy where the reader may not sit down and read the book all at once - they more often skip around from chapter to chapter, looking for information by the chapter title. Working a 4th Step through written history is the way to heal our wounds.

Get transcript of Bob Stone at WSC ‘89.

Yellow Eyes owes us one story!


A world-wideNA Home Group designed to provide our trusted servants (whose service has sometimes isolated time from their local groups) with the love and understanding they need to survive.

In the course of reading Blue Story by David H. from Miami, we found the ‘Fire Bad’ reference that we decided to use as the nickname for the Draper Lit Conference. Here is the paragraph:

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