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“People who have participated in these workshops describe it as a wonderful opportunity to share the miracle that has transformed their lives. They also are amazed to see the group-conscience process in action; it works.

“In the mood of distrust that has gone on ever since Jimmy K was locked our of the WSO, it is hard for some members to believe taht some people serve in an independent role, not because that would be their first preference but because that is the only way they can serve.  Bo S. is not trying to lead a coup, and I am confident that neither was Dave. They were trying to light a spark, and Frankenstein’s monster could only respond, “Fire Bad.”

This is taken from page 36 of the Draper Final 6.15.03

left for meeting at 5:30 pm

6:00 NA meeting, then went to Wal-Mart and got supplies.

8:00 resumed at page 33

Greed is a character defect. Any system based on greed will eventually fail. Greed doesn’t work.

Three group members came to join us: Villie, Jim and Chris.

10:45 page 49

define the Fellowship Report

give History of the NA Way Magazine.

“Although you have not written anything yet for the Traditions War: a pathway to peace, you have participated by sitting in on the Conference at Draper, Virginia and we are grateful.”

Bill Wilson fought monomania in the AA General Service Office (GSO). The GSO, the Grapevine and the AA World Convention all operate under separate incorporations. I believe this still to be true. It keeps each activity energized and pretty much requires the separate organizations to keep one another informed. NA has been sold a service structure partially by claims that it follows the AA model, which is does not. Also, the AA 12 Concepts is a respectable document and our NA 12 Concepts show their weakness and lack of serious planning in the most superficial comparison. Check it out!

Important: The NA Spiritual Fellowship reality is just one thing with many viewpoints. The war is not WSO versus the NA Fellowship: it is between spritual and worldly. The spiritual is characterized by activities of surrender, applying principles in daily living and living so as to benefit others. The worldly as expressed in the many forms of money,

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