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The Chairman thanked those present for attending.

5 Phil Awford, County Councillor said that as his report had been circulated he trusted it had been read and was willing to take any questions on his report or any other matters. Somebody said that it was disappointing that there was no one from the County Council present. Terry Moore Scott said that a priority was being given to a bus lane when it will be a long time before a park & ride is provided. Phil Awford said that the bus lane would be operative 24/7 and may be used for car sharing. Travellers – Most of the travellers sites in Minsterworth are privately owned. TBC have a remit to more sites – definite imbalance in Minsterworth with one third of inhabitants of the travelling nature. He encouraged all parishioners to be ever vigilant and to report anything untoward to TBC on 01684 295010

6 Derek Davies, Borough Councillor Recycling – he made people aware that paper recycling could now take junk mail, telephone directories, yellow pages, catalogues, brown envelopes and gummed envelopes. Various questions were asked - When will cardboard be included in collections? Would TBC consider recycling boxes with wheels to help the elderly? Derek Davies said that kerb side boxes were costly to produce but the best solution would be to ask for another box to lighten the load. Brown Wheelie bins have proved to be very successful – John Jenner asked when these would be free? Derek Davies said it was very unlikely they would be free. Council Tax - TBC is still one of the lowest Boroughs for Council Tax however it was proving more and more difficult to keep Council Tax low

7 Report from Sean Clarke, PCSO Sean introduced himself and said he was the Police Community Support Officer for Minsterworth. He read out crime figures for 1 April 2007- 1 April 2008 and a comparison of crime statistics for 06/07 there were 23 crimes with 10 for 07/08 (if anyone wants a breakdown of the figures they should contact the Clerk). He reported that a neighbourhood-policing panel had been set up and met once every 4 months and local issues in parishes could be raised. Terry Bourne said that he hoped that Sean would be policing the “rat runs” in the Village. Sean said that regarding speeding he has no traffic powers and the only people that can take action are traffic officers but he would be a deterrent. Photo vans are used for speed checks and a number plate recognition patrol van, which can detect tax and insurance evasion, and this vehicle is unmarked and has been working in the Village. Sean reported that with the Borough taking up the role of Civil Parking Enforcement he cannot issue parking tickets any longer in Minsterworth.

8 Jo Worthy-Jones, Glos Wildlife Trust, Compost Officer – Introduced herself and said that there were 7 other officers in the County on a 2 year contract funded by GCC Waste Management team. The main responsibility is reducing the amount of kitchen waste that goes

into landfill with the what happens when

object being composting

to keep waste in the household. She gave a brief outline of









includes fruit, veg, teabags, dog hair, dust to generate heat. The finished product of trace elements and minerals.

cardboard – a good mix of different items is required composting when put on plants helps them to take up


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