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ACTIVITY: Unconventional politician who did it his way

Applications: political science, leadership, history, social studies

What accomplishments did Ronald Reagan achieve during his lifetime? What significant events and changes occurred during his presidency? How was he regarded by the American public both during and after he served as president? Why are historians revising their view of Reagan? What legacy do you think he will leave behind? Each person leaves a ''legacy'' based on their life choices and results of those choices. What would you like to leave as your legacy? Write a two-page summary.

What type of leanings did Reagan have early in his political career? What factors contributed to his growing conservatism? Analyst Marshall Wittman describes Reagan as "the Moses of the conservative movement." What does he mean? In what way was Reagan "a bundle of contradictions"? How did he reconcile this as president?

SNAPSHOT: Support thin for Reagan dime

APPLICATIONS: social studies,

government, knowledge

Why do you think most people oppose replacing Franklin D. Roosevelt's image on the dime with a portrait of Ronald Reagan? Would you support or reject such a change?

FDR, a Democrat, was president during WWII; he is perhaps best remembered for his New Deal legislation - social and economic measures aimed at stimulating the economy and improving the quality of

life. He also negotiated post- WWII treaties.

Reagan, a Republican, was president during the Cold War - a period during which Western fears of further Soviet (communist) advancement predominated. Reagan's presidency also brought with it the largest economic boom in U.S. history (from 1981-88).*

Was one a superior leader? If so, why? If not, explain.

(*Source: World Almanac)


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