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Guide XHEZ7

Through-Penetration Firestop Systems

Certified for Canada

System No. C-AJ-3011

F Rating – 2 Hr

FT Rating – 1/2 Hr

FH Rating – 2 Hr

FTH Rating – 1/2 Hr

1. Floor or Wall Assembly — Min 64 mm (2-1/2 in.) thick reinforced lightweight or normal weight (1600-2400 kg/m³ or 100-150 pcf) concrete floor. Floor may also be constructed of any min 152 mm (6 in.) thick hollow-core Precast Concrete Units*. Wall may also be constructed of any UL Classified Concrete Blocks*. Max diam of opening is 152 mm (6 in.).

See Concrete Blocks (CAZT) or Precast Concrete Units (CFTV) categories in the Fire Resistance Directory for names of manufacturers.

2. Steel Sleeve — (Optional) — Nom 152 mm (6 in.) diam (or smaller) Schedule 10 (or heavier) steel pipe cast or grouted into floor or wall assembly. Steel sleeve may be installed flush or may project max 51 mm (2 in.) beyond the floor or wall surfaces.

3. Cables — Aggregate cross sectional area of cables in opening to be max 34 percent of the cross sectional area of the opening. Tight bundle of cables to be installed in the opening. The annular space between the cable bundle and the periphery of the opening shall be min 0 mm (0 in., point contact) to max 51 mm (2 in.) Cable bundle to be rigidly supported on both sides of the floor or wall assembly. The following types and sizes of cables may be used:

A. Max 200 pair No. 24 AWG (or smaller) copper conductor with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation and jacketing material.

B. Max 1/C No. 750 kcmil (or smaller) copper conductor cable with cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) jacket.

C. Max 7/C No. 12 AWG (or smaller) copper conductor power and control cables with XLPE or PVC insulation with XLPE or PVC jacket.

D. Max 3/C No. 3/0 AWG (or smaller) copper or aluminum conductor SER cables with PVC insulation and jacket.

E. Max 3/C No. 2/0 AWG (or smaller) copper conductor PVC jacketed aluminum clad or steel clad TEK cable.

F. Max 110/125 fiber optic (F.O.) cable with PVC insulation and jacket.

G. Max 3/C with ground No. 8 AWG (or smaller) copper conductor NM cable (Romex) with PVC insulation and jacket.

H. Max RG/U coaxial cable with fluorinated ethylene insulation and jacket.

I. Max 4 pair No. 24 AWG (or smaller) copper conductor data cable with Hylar jacket and insulation.

3A. Through Penetrating Product* — (Not Shown) As an alternate Item 3), one or more through-penetrating product to be installed within the opening. Max aggregate cross-sectional area of cables to be 34

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