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Honorary President:

Prof. Dr.med. Dr.h.c. Alfred M. Thiess


Dr. Noel F. Humphry

Dow Chemical (Australia) Ltd.

Kororoit Creek Road

Altona, Vic. 3018 (Australia)

Phone: +61-3-9226 3787

Fax: +61-3-9226 3798



Dr. Andreas Flückiger

Corporate Medical Director

F.Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

CH-4070 Basel (Switzerland)

Phone:+41-61-688 37 38

Fax: +41-61-688 16 51


Board Members:

Dr. R.W. Ahlberg (Finland)

Dr. A. Bin Onn (Malaysia)

Dr. L.J.N.G.M. Bloemen (Netherlands)

Prof. M. Cikrt (Czech Republic)

Dr. W.M. Coombs (South Africa)

Dr. S. S. Guirguis (Canada)

Prof. Y. Kudo (Japan)

Dr. L. W. Miksche (Germany)

Dr. T. Wai-Hoong Phoon (Singapore)

Prof. T. Popov (Bulgaria)

Dr. A. R. Reid (U.K.)

Prof. H. W. Rüdiger (Austria)

Dr. Leslie M. Yee (USA)

November 2000

M  E  D  I

    C  H  E  M

Minutes Medichem General Assembly, August 29th, 2000,


Present: 42 members in good standing (quorum needed for decisions: 30).

Chairman Noel Humphry opened the meeting at 1:00 pm.

Agenda Item 1: Approval of the agenda for the 2000 General Assembly

The agenda as distributed by the Secretary was accepted without amendments.

Agenda Item 2: Approval of the minutes of the 1999 General Assembly in Vienna

The minutes as published in the November 1999 Medichem Newsletter by Secretary Andreas Flückiger were unanimously accepted.

Agenda Item 3: Chairman’s Report

As the important activities of the Chairman are all covered by agenda items later in the meeting, no formal report was presented at this time.

Agenda Item 4: Secretary’s and Treasurer's Reports

The current count of members is 338 from 48 countries, down 6 members from 1999. That number includes a total of 300 members in good standing (including 17 living honorary members) and 20 exempted members, basically single

members from countries of the developing world and officers of the ICOH. 176 members have not yet paid their dues for 2000, a fact that raises concerns about a possible further decrease of membership. In August, a reminder was sent out to these colleagues. The deadline for payment of the 2000 membership dues is Dec. 31, 2000. Medichem has gained 18 new members, but 24 have resigned, mainly because of retirement and change of their professional activity.

Since the 1999 Medichem Congress in Vienna, the Secretary has published 3 Newsletters. He thanked all those who contributed to these Newsletters and would be grateful for a steady flow of contributions from the all members.

An update of the Medichem Handbook was sent out last November. A new update will be published along with the next Newsletter. All members are encouraged to advise the Secretary of any necessary changes at any time.

In 2000, for the third year, the membership cards in credit card format were again produced and sponsored by BASF.

The Secretary was also involved in the business part of the 2000 Medichem Officers' Meeting in Nottingham (UK) which was hosted by Alan


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