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IPMG Publishing are created by math teachers and have been tested in classrooms for over

One deck of cards (point values: Aces = 1, Jacks = 11, Queens = 12, Kings = 13).

20 years!

Rules and Play

1. is is a comparing integers game for 2-5 players/teams. In this game the black cards represent positive integers and the red cards represent negative integers (for example, Ace of spades or clubs = +1, Ace of hearts or diamonds = -1, etc.).

2. e object of the game is to accumulate all of the cards.

  • 3.

    e deck is shuffled and all cards are dealt, one at a time, face down, to all the players/teams. Each player/team must place their cards face down on the table.

  • 4.

    Play begins with players/teams simultaneously turning over one card from the top of their packs. The winner of the round is determined by who turns over the card with the highest value. e winner puts his/her winnings at the bottom of their pack.

  • 5.

    In the first round, the player/team whose card had the largest numerical value takes the cards and the game continues. In the second round, the player/team with the lowest numerical value takes the cards. Each round alternates between highest and lowest values.

  • 6.

    If two or more players/teams turn over cards with the same color and numerical value, a “battle” results. In a battle, each player/team places two cards face down and turns up a third card. e player/team whose third card is high or low (depending on the round) wins the battle. If another tie results, the procedure is repeated. e winner of the battle wins all the cards.

7. e winner of the game is the player/team who accumulates all of the cards. If time does not permit accumulation of all the cards, the player/team with the most cards wins.


  • High card wins every round.

  • Low card wins every round.

  • For younger players, use only positive values for the cards.

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