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ARTICLE 33.- The information regarding imported products shall indicate their place of origin and, if applicable, the places where such products can be repaired, as well as the instructions to use them and the pertinent warranties, under the provisions of this Law.

ARTICLE 34.- The data shown on products or their labels, containers and packaging, and the pertinent advertising, either of national manufacture or of foreign origin, shall be expressed in the Spanish language and its price in Mexican currency, in a readable and readily understandable manner according to the general system of measurement units, without prejudice to the fact that they may also be expressed in other language or measurement system.

ARTICLE 35.- Without prejudice to the participation that other legal provisions may assign to different government offices, the Agency may:

I. Order the supplier to suspend the information or advertising that violates the provisions of this Law and, if applicable, to order so to the media used to release it;

II. Order to correct the information or advertising that violates the provisions of this Law in the manner deemed as sufficient, and

III. Impose the pertinent penalties, under the terms of this Law.

For purposes of subsections II and III, the infringer shall be granted the constitutional right to a legal hearing set forth in Article 123 of this ordinance.

Whenever the Agency brings an administrative action related to the truthfulness of the information, it may order the supplier to indicate in the advertising or information released that its truthfulness has not been verified with the competent authorities.

ARTICLE 36.- Per request of the interested party and under the terms indicated in this Law, a penalty shall be imposed on any person who publishes any advertising in the press or in any other mass media that specifically and unquestionably addresses one or several consumers for the purpose of making effective a collection or the performance of a contract.

ARTICLE 37.- The lack of truthfulness in reports, instructions, data, and conditions promised or suggested, apart from the penalties that apply under this Law, shall oblige to perform whatever has been offered or, if not practicable, to refund the necessary expenses that the purchaser proves to have disbursed and, if applicable, to pay the refund or compensation set forth in Article 92 TER of this Law.

ARTICLE 38.- Legends that restrict or limit the use of the good or service shall be made evident in a clear and truthful manner, free of ambiguities.

ARTICLE 39.- When any of the products offered to the public has some deficiency, has been used or refurbished, such circumstances shall be warned to consumers in an accurate and clear manner, and shall be shown on the selfsame goods, packaging, bills or pertinent invoices.

ARTICLE 40.- The legends "warranted" and "warranty", or similar ones may only be used when an explanation of the warranty, and the manner in which consumers may make it effective are expressly included.

ARTICLE 41.- With respect to products or services that under the applicable provisions are considered to represent a potential danger for consumers or are harmful for the environment, or when its dangerous nature is foreseeable, the supplier shall include instructions to warn of such harmful characteristics by clearly explaining the recommended use or application, as well as the potential effects of its use or application outside the recommended guidelines. The supplier shall be accountable for damages that a violation to this provision may cause to consumers, without prejudice to the provisions of Article 92 TER of this Law.

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