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ARTICLE 42.- The supplier is bound to deliver the good or render the service according to the terms and conditions either offered or implicit in the advertising or information released, unless there is a covenant or consent in written by the consumer to the contrary.

ARTICLE 43.- Except for a judicial order or a legal provision that demands the observance of any requirement, the supplier or their assistants can not deny to consumers the sale, acquisition, lease or supply of goods in stock or available services. Also, a sale, acquisition, or lease shall not be conditioned upon the acquisition or lease of another product, nor upon the rendering of a service. The stock of products or availability of services is expected when they are advertised as available.

With respect to services, suppliers that offer different plans and modalities of marketing shall inform consumers of the characteristics, conditions, and total cost of each one of them. In case they adopt only one specific marketing plan of services, such as packages or all-inclusive systems, the suppliers shall inform the consumers in due course and in their advertising, the items included in such plans, and the fact that no other plans are available.

With respect to contracts to be performed over a given period of time, the supplier may carry out a credit investigation to insure that the consumer is able to perform it. Likewise, it shall not be deemed that this provision has been violated when there are more prospective customers than the number of goods or services available.

ARTICLE 44.- The Agency may make specific reference to products, trademarks, services or companies as result of its ongoing technical and objective investigations, in order to guide and protect the interest of consumers, as well as to publish said results from time to time for disclosure.

The results of investigations, surveys and monitoring published by the Agency may not be used by the companies or suppliers with advertising or commercial purposes.

ARTICLE 45.- Covenants, codes of conduct, or any other form of collusion between suppliers, publicists or any group of persons is prohibited whenever they restrict the information that can be furnished to consumers.

Chapter IV

Promotions and Offers

ARTICLE 46.- For purposes of this Law, promotions are defined as trade practices wherein goods or services are offered to the public as follows:

I. With the motivation of providing, in addition to the acquired good or service, a similar or different good or service, free of charge, at a reduced price, or for one single price;

II. Having additional contents to the regular presentation of the product, free of charge or at a reduced price;

III. Showing figures or legends printed on lids, labels or containers, or included inside them, different to those that are to be used in mandatory manner; and

IV. Goods or services offering the motivation of taking part in draws, contests or similar events.

Any "offer", "sale", "discount", "markdown" or any expression with similar import shall be understood as offering to the public products or services of the same quality at reduced price or at a price lower than the regular prices at said commercial premises.

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