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ARTICLE 47.- No authorization or notice shall be required to make promotions, except when the Mexican Official Standards provide so, in cases when the interests of consumers are harmed or may be harmed.

No restrictions may be imposed upon trade activities apart from the ones set forth in this Law, nor to favor specifically promotions or offers of certain suppliers.

ARTICLE 48.- The following rules shall be observed in promotions and offers:

I. The conditions, as well as the period of time of the services or volume of the goods offered, shall be indicated in the pertinent advertising; said volume shall be evidenced at the request of the authority. If a period of time or volume is not set therefor, it shall be expected that they are unlimited, until it is made known to the public the revocation of the promotion or offer in a sufficient manner and through the same media, and

II. Any consumer that meets the relevant requirements shall be entitled to acquire, during the period of time previously set therefor or as long as they are made available, the goods or services in question.

ARTICLE 49.- Promotions that advertise a monetary value for the good, product or service evidently higher that the value regularly available in the marketplace shall be prohibited.

ARTICLE 50.- If the author of the promotion or offer does not honor such offer, the consumer may chose to demand compliance thereof, accept other similar good or service, or rescind the contract and, in any case, the consumer shall be entitled to be paid the monetary difference between the promotional price offered and its regular price, without prejudice to the refund or compensation indicated in Article 92 TER of this Law.

Chapter V

Door-to-door, Non-immediate or Indirect Selling

ARTICLE 51.- A door-to-door, non-immediate or indirect sale shall be understood as the sale offered or carried out outside the facilities or commercial premises of the supplier, including the lease of personal property and the rendering of services. The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to the purchase and sale of perishable goods received by the consumer and paid in cash.

ARTICLE 52.- The sales indicated in this chapter shall be reduced to writing, and shall contain:

I. The name and address of the supplier, the identification of the transaction, and the goods and services in question; and

II. The guarantees and requirements set forth in this Law.

The supplier is bound to deliver to the consumer copy of the relevant document.

ARTICLE 53.- Suppliers making the sales indicated in this chapter through means that make unpractical the delivery of the above-mentioned document, i.e. by phone, television, mail or courier sales, or any other sales where there is no direct communication with the consumer, shall:

I. Ascertain that the delivery of the good or service is made in fact at the domicile of the consumer, or that the consumer has been identified in full;

II. Allow the consumer to make claims and returns through a means similar to that used to make the sale;

III. Cover the costs to transport and ship the merchandise in case of returns or repairs covered by the warranty, unless otherwise agreed; and

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