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IV. Previously inform the consumer of the price, approximate date of delivery, insurance and freight costs and, if applicable, the trademark covering the good or service.

ARTICLE 54.- When the collection or charge for a good or service is made automatically in the phone bill, or in a credit account or other receipt or account kept for the consumer, the supplier and the collecting agent shall warn of the above to the consumer in a clear manner, either in its advertising, in the sales channel or in the receipt. The same shall apply to cases when the purchase involves the payment of a long-distance call or costs of delivery to be paid by the consumer.

ARTICLE 55.- Suppliers shall keep records and inform the consumer everything required so that the consumer can identify the individual transaction, and the suppliers shall ascertain the identity of the consumer.

ARTICLE 56.- The contract shall be perfected five business days from the delivery of the good sold or the signing of the contract, whichever comes later. During such term, the consumer shall be entitled to revoke his consent, without any liability whatsoever. The revocation shall be made by giving notice or by delivering the good sold in person, through registered mail or through other means to serve such notice in a legally unquestionable manner. The revocation made pursuant this article shall render the transaction null and void, and the supplier shall reimburse the price paid to the consumer. In this case, the freight and insurance costs shall be borne by the consumer. With respect to services, the above shall not apply if the date when the service is rendered is within ten business days or less from the date of the purchase order.

Chapter VI


ARTICLE 57.- Every commercial premises where services are rendered shall show the fees of the main services offered in clearly readable characters, and in a place where they can be easily seen. In any case, the fees of other services shall be made easily available to the public.

ARTICLE 58.- A supplier of goods, products or services shall not deny nor condition the same upon the consumer due to reasons of gender, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious preference, or any other peculiarity.

Suppliers of goods and services that offer them to the public in general may not establish any preference or discrimination whatsoever regarding any prospective consumers of the service, such as to chose the clients, conditioning the consumption, reserve the right of admission, exclusion of people with disabilities and similar practices, except for causes that affect the safety or peace of the premises, of their clients or of disabled persons, or grounded on express provisions of other legal ordinances. In no case may said suppliers apply nor collect fees higher than the ones authorized or registered for customers in general, nor offer or apply discounts in a biased or discriminatory manner. They can neither apply nor collect extraordinary or compensatory fees to disabled persons by reason of the medical, orthopedic, technological, educational or sporting implements required for their personal use, including guide dogs in the case of blind persons.

Suppliers are bound to provide all arrangements or have the essential devices so that disabled people may use the goods and services they offer. Said arrangements and devices may not be less than those set forth in the applicable legal provisions or official standards, nor can the supplier establish conditions or limitations that diminish the rights legally vested upon a disabled person as a consumer.

ARTICLE 59.- Before a service is rendered, the supplier shall give an estimate in written. In case of repairs, the estimate shall describe the characteristics of the service, the costs of spare parts and labor, as well as its duration, notwithstanding the stipulation of variation mechanisms for specific items since their quoting is beyond the supplier's control.

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