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ARTICLE 60.- Persons engaged in the repair of all kinds of products shall use new spare parts and adequate for the product in question, except when the prospective customer expressly authorizes the use of other ones. Whenever spare parts are subject to standards which performance is mandatory, the use of spare parts that do not satisfy such requirements shall entitle the consumer to demand the necessary expenses said consumer proves to have disbursed and, if applicable, the refund indicated in Article 92 TER of this Law.

ARTICLE 61.- Suppliers of maintenance or repair services shall refund consumers, under Article 92 TER if, due to a deficiency in the service, the good is lost or if it experiences such a damage that renders it inappropriate for a particular purpose, in whole or in part.

ARTICLE 62.- Suppliers of services shall be bound to issue invoices or vouchers for the works made, indicating the spare parts and materials used; their price and labor; if applicable, the warranty granted, and other requirements set forth in this Law.

ARTICLE 63.- Marketing systems that consist in the incorporation of groups of consumers that contribute sums of money from time to time to be managed by a third party may only operate in order to acquire certain or determinable goods, either new personal property or real property to be used for dwelling or commercial purposes under the terms of the relevant regulations, and can only be put into practice with the prior authorization from the Ministry.

If applicable, the Ministry may authorize these marketing systems for purposes of constructing, remodeling and extending real property, whenever it is proven that the market conditions warrant so, and the rights and interests of consumers are guaranteed. With respect to this authorization, constructive assent shall not operate.

The term to operate such marketing systems may not exceed five years with respect to personal property, and fifteen years for real property.

The Ministry shall authorize the aforesaid marketing systems to operate when the following requirements have been satisfied, which in all cases shall be nontransferable:

I. That the applicant is a Mexican legal entity, incorporated as a business corporation under the applicable law, and which sole corporate purpose is to operate and manage the marketing systems indicated in this article; as well as the activities required for their due performance;

II. That the applicant evidences its administrative capacity, apart from the economic, financial and operating viability of the system, under the terms of the criteria set out by the Ministry;

III. That the adhesion contracts the applicant intends to use contain provisions that safeguard the rights of consumers, under the terms of this Law and the relevant regulations.

IV. That the applicant submits with the Ministry a general operation plan for the system, and a draft of the manual detailing the procedures to operate the system, so that the Ministry has enough elements to grant, if applicable, such authorization.

V. That the applicant submits mechanisms to comply with its obligations as manager of the system regarding the operation of each group, under the terms set forth in the regulations, and

VI. Other requirements set forth in the regulations.

Once the applicant has obtained the authorization indicated in this provision, and prior to operating the marketing system or systems in question, it shall apply for the registration of the pertinent adhesion contract or contracts with the Consumer Protection Federal Agency.

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