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ARTICLE 64.- The rendering of timesharing services, notwithstanding the name or the manner in which such pertinent legal act may be presented, consists in placing the use, enjoyment and other rights agreed over a property or part of such property at the disposal of a person or a group of persons in a variable unit within a certain class, during time periods previously agreed upon, and through the payment of a certain amount. In the case of real property, the title thereof is not transferred.

ARTICLE 65.- The sale or pre-sale of timesharing services shall only be commenced when the pertinent contract has been recorded with the Agency, and provided that such contract sets out:

I. Name and address of supplier;

II. Place where the services shall be rendered;

III. Clear specification regarding the rights of buyers to use and enjoy the goods, including the periods of time to use and enjoy them;

IV. The cost of the maintenance expenses for the first year, and the manner in which the costs for subsequent periods shall be established;

V. The exchange options with other suppliers of such services, and if there is an additional costs to carry out such exchanges; and

VI. Description of the bonds and guarantees that shall be granted in favor of consumers.

ARTICLE 65 BIS.- Individuals or business corporations that render services not regulated by the financial laws and which, either customarily or professionally, secure loan services or transactions with interest and pledge, shall record their adhesion contract with the Agency.

The persons indicated in the preceding paragraph shall not render services nor carry out transactions that the laws in force reserve to institutions of the national financial system.

Suppliers shall make their transactions readily understandable, and to this end, they shall place in their advertising or in all premises open to the public, on a permanent and clear basis, a message board or an information electronic means which purpose shall be to inform consumers the terms and conditions of such contracts. Also, they shall inform the amount of the annual interest rate charged on unpaid balances; said information shall be highlighted in distinctive characters in a clear, prominent and unquestionable manner.

Suppliers shall meet the requirements set forth by the Mexican Official Standard issued by the Ministry to this end, which shall include operating aspects, such as the characteristics of the information to be provided to consumers and the elements of information that the adhesion contract used to formalize the transactions shall contain. Likewise, it shall contain or allow obtaining the sum of all costs associated to the transaction for the main services offered.

Chapter VII

Credit Transactions

ARTICLE 66.- In every credit transaction with consumers:

I. The consumers shall be previously informed of the price in cash of the good or services in question, the amount and itemization of every charge if applicable, the number of payments to be made, its periodicity, the right the consumer has to pay the credit in advance, with the consequent reduction of interest, in which case no further charges can be made apart from charges to renegotiate the credit, if applicable. The interest, including past-due interest, shall be estimated according to a fixed or variable rate;

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