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XI. The conditions under which the process to notarize the deed will be made, as well as disbursements different from the price of sale that the consumer must pay, such as notarization expenses, taxes, appraisal, administration, opening of credit and investigation expenses. If applicable, costs for accessories or appurtenances;

XII. The conditions under which the consumer may cancel the transaction, and

XIII. The consumer shall be informed on the existence and establishment of a mortgage or fiduciary guaranty, or any other type of guaranty, as well as the implementation thereof.

ARTICLE 73 TER.- The contract intended to be registered under the terms of the second paragraph of Article 73 shall meet the following requirements, at least:

I. Place and date of execution of the contract;

II. To be written in the Spanish language, without prejudice to the fact that it can be expressed in another language. In case of differences in the text or wording, the provisions set forth in the Spanish language shall prevail.

III. Name, corporate or firm name, address and federal taxpayer identification number of the supplier, pursuant to the legal ordinances on the topic.

IV. Name, address and, if applicable, federal taxpayer identification number of the consumer;

V. The nomination of the sums of money in Mexican currency, without prejudice to the fact that they can also be nominated in foreign currency; if the parties do not agree on a certain exchange rate, the exchange rate valid in the place and date when the payment is made shall be used, under the applicable legislation.

VI. Description of the subject-matter of the contract;

VII. The total price of the transaction, the terms of payment, as well as any additional disbursements that the parties shall pay;

VIII. Relationship between rights and obligations, both by the supplier and the consumer;

IX. The contractual penalties that apply to both supplier and consumer due to the breach of the obligations assumed, which shall be reciprocal and equivalent, without prejudice to the provisions of the applicable legal ordinances;

X. If applicable, the guarantees established in order to perform the contract, as well as the refundable expenses and the manner that such refunds shall be allocated;

XI. The procedure to cancel the adhesion contract, and the consequences thereof for both the supplier and the consumer;

XII. Date when the execution of the activity or service contracted will start and conclude, as well as the date to deliver the good subject-matter of the contract;

XIII. In cases of purchase and sale transactions concerning real property, the supplier shall set out in the contract the technical characteristics, the characteristics of the structure's materials and the materials of systems and finishes.

Likewise, it shall stipulate that the real property has the infrastructure for the adequate functioning of basic utilities;

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