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aimed to vulnerable population, such as children, elderly and sick people, and shall incorporate mechanisms in order to warn when such information is not adequate for such sector of the population.

Chapter IX


ARTICLE 77.- Every good or service offered with a warranty shall be subject to the provisions of this Law and the pacts between the suppliers and the consumer.

For purposes of the above paragraph, a warranty may not be effective for less than sixty days starting from the date when the good is delivered or the service has been rendered in whole.

ARTICLE 78.- The warranty policy shall be issued by the supplier in written, in clear and accurate fashion, expressing, at least, its scope, duration, conditions, mechanisms to make it effective, address to submit claims and premises or service shops. The warranty policy shall be delivered to the consumer upon receiving the good or service in question.

ARTICLE 79.- The warranties offered may not be less than the warranties determined by the applicable provisions, nor stipulate conditions or limitations that diminish the rights legally conferred upon the consumer.

The satisfaction of a warranty may be demanded, indistinctly, from the producer and the importer of the good or service, and from the distributor, except in the cases when any of them or a third party has assumed such obligation in written. The satisfaction of a warranty shall be carried out at the address in which the good or service has been acquired or contracted, or in the place or places indicated in the policy. The supplier shall pay to the consumer the expenses that such consumer has disbursed in order to satisfy the policy in an address different to the address indicated above.

ARTICLE 80.- Producers shall insure and be accountable for the timely supply of spare parts, as well as the repair services during the duration of the warranty, and later, during the time the products continue to be manufactured, assembled or distributed.

By means of the Mexican Official Standards, the Ministry may provide that determinate products shall be supported by means of a warranty with an extended effectiveness with regards to the supply of spare parts, taking into account the product's durability.

ARTICLE 81.- If the product has been repaired or serviced, and it shows faults attributable to the person who made the repair or maintenance service within thirty calendar days following the delivery of the product to the consumer, the consumer shall be entitled to its repair or maintenance, free of charge. If the term of the warranty exceeds thirty calendar days, such term shall be observed.

ARTICLE 82.- The consumer may chose to request the substitution of the good or service, to rescind the contract or a reduction in the price and, in any case, a refund or compensation, when the thing or subject-matter of the contract has any fault or hidden defect that renders it improper for its customary use, diminishes its quality or the possibility to be used, or does not offer the safety that, due to its nature, is expected from such thing or subject-matter, and from its reasonable use. When the consumer chooses the rescission, the supplier shall be bound to refund the price paid and, if applicable, the interest set out in the second paragraph of Article 91 of this Law.

The refund or compensation indicated in the preceding paragraph shall be established according to the provisions of Article 92 TER of this Law.

The above, without prejudice to the indemnity that may correspond by reason of damages, if applicable.

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