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III. If applicable, name and address of the denunciating party.

The denunciation may be submitted in written, or orally, by phone, electronically or through any other means.

ARTICLE 97 BIS.- The original document of the verification order set out in Article 65 of the Federal Administrative Procedure Law shall be produced and delivered to the person to whom the verification proceeding is to be conducted. If such person refuses to receive it, such circumstance shall be recorded in the pertinent minute, but this shall not affect the legal force and effect of the act.

ARTICLE 97 TER.- When, by reason of a verification visit, it is required to gather samples to verify that this Law has been observed, the minute thereof shall indicate the number and type of samples gathered.

To gather and analyze the samples indicated in the preceding paragraph, the following procedure shall be observed:

I. They shall be gathered by triplicate, one to be analyzed by the Agency, other to remain in possession of the verified party, which can carry out its own analysis, and the third one shall have the nature of a witness sample, and shall remain in possession of the verified party and at disposal of the Agency. A seal shall be placed upon the samples in order to guarantee their integrity;

II. The result of the analysis issued by the Agency shall be notified to the verified party, under the terms of Article 104 of this Law;

III. In case the verified party does not agree with the results, such party shall submit the analysis derived from the sample left in its possession and also the witness sample, within five days following receipt of the results from the Agency;

IV. In such cases, the Agency shall order that the witness sample be analyzed in its laboratory. The analysis shall be made in the presence of the technicians appointed by the parties, and a record shall be drafted. The expert opinion derived from this analysis shall be final, and

V. In case of nondestructive analyses or testing, the samples shall be returned to the verified party at the expense of such party; in case such party does not gather them within thirty days as of the relevant notice, said samples may be either donated for legal purposes, or destroyed.

ARTICLE 97 QUARTER.- If during the verification proceeding any of the presumptions set forth in Article 25 BIS of this Law is detected, if applicable, the proper provisional remedies shall be applied, and such circumstance shall be recorded in the relevant minute; the foregoing, without prejudice to the fact that the proceeding set forth by Article 123 of this Law may be initiated.

ARTICLE 98.- A verification visit shall be understood as the visit conducted at the places set out by Article 96, according to the provisions of this Law, and the following shall be observed:

I. To examine the products or merchandise, the conditions under which they are offered or the services are rendered, and the documents and instruments related to the activity in question;

II. To verify prices, amounts, characteristics, qualities, net contents, drained mass, fees and measuring instruments for such goods or services, under the terms of this Law;

III. To corroborate the existence or inexistence of products or merchandise, on the basis of the supplier's line of business; and

IV. To perform other actions which purpose is to verify the observance of the law.

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