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ARTICLE 98 BIS.- When, by reason of a verification, the Agency detects violations to this Law and other applicable provisions, it may order to inform consumers, either individually or collectively, and even through the mass media, the actions or omissions of the supplier that affect the interests or rights of consumers, as well as the manner in which the supplier shall refund or compensate the consumers, and the suppliers shall evidence that such order has been satisfied. Otherwise, the relevant penalties shall be imposed.

ARTICLE 98 TER.- The Agency may order to seize goods or products marketed outside the commercial premises when the applicable provisions are not observed pursuant to the procedure set out for such purpose and published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, and shall inform so to the authorities with competent jurisdiction so that the pertinent measures may be adopted.

Chapter XIII


First Section

Common Provisions

ARTICLE 99.- The Agency shall receive complaints or claims from consumers, which are based upon this Law, and they may be submitted in written, orally, by phone, electronically or through any other adequate means, if they meet the following requirements:

I. Name and address of the claimant;

II. Description of the good or services claimed, and a brief account of the facts;

III. Name and address of the supplier indicated in the voucher or receipt that covers the transaction subject-matter of the claim or, in absence thereof, the one the claimant has provided, and

IV. The place or manner in which it is requested that such claim be taken up.

The claims of individuals or legal entities set out in the first subsection of Article 2 of this Law that acquire, store, use or consume goods or services in order to incorporate them into manufacturing, transformation and marketing processes, or to render services to third parties, shall be legally admissible, provided the amount of the transaction subject-matter of the claim does not exceed $ 319,447.46.

The Agency may request to the federal, state or municipal authorities, or to the authorities of the Federal District, to provide the data required to identify and locate the supplier. The aforementioned authorities shall respond such request within fifteen days from the date of its submission.

ARTICLE 100.- Claims may be taken up, at option of the claimant, at the place where the fact subject-matter of the claim has arisen; at the address of the claimant; at the address of the supplier, or at any other justified place, such as the place where the consumer performs his daily activities or the place of his residence.

In case there is not an office of the Agency in the place requested by the consumer, the Agency shall inform the place or manner in which the consumer's claim shall be served.

ARTICLE 101.- The Agency shall reject, without requiring a formal petition, claims which are evidently legally inadmissible.

ARTICLE 102.- Once a claim is submitted, the relevant legal actions that are subject to a statute of limitations shall be interrupted during the term when the procedure continues.

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