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ARTICLE 103.- The Agency shall give notice to the supplier within fifteen days following the date when the claim has been received and registered, and shall request to it a written report related to the facts, accompanied by a summary of such report.

ARTICLE 104.- The notices given by the Agency shall be delivered in person, in the following cases:

I. In case of a first notice;

II. In case an act is requested from to the party that shall satisfy it;

III. In case of notifications of arbitral awards;

IV. In case of  decisions or resolutions that impose an enforcement measure, or a penalty;

V. When the Agency gives notice of having received amounts as offer of payment to the creditor;

VI. When the authority may deem so advisable; and

VII. In other cases provided for by the law.

Personal notices shall be served by the process server or through certified mail, with acknowledgement of receipt from the notified party, or through any other means to serve such notice in a legally unquestionable manner, or by the addressee, provided such addressee stipulates such consent in written. Said notice shall be served at the address of the facilities or premises indicated in the relevant voucher, or either, at the address provided by the claimant.

With respect to the notice set out in the first subsection of this provision in relation to a settlement procedure, such notice can be served upon the person who must be notified or, in absence thereof, with his legal representative, the person in charge or the person responsible for the pertinent facilities or premises. In absence thereof, the provisions of the Federal Administrative Procedure Law shall be observed.

Notices served upon the person with whom the procedure shall be conducted under the terms of the preceding paragraph shall be legal, even if it was not feasible to serve such notices at the relevant address.

In case the addressee did not indicate an address to hear and receive notifications, or has changed such address without giving notice to the Agency, who may serve such notice by posting it on the bulletin board.

With respect to acts different to the acts indicated above, notices may be served by posting them on the bulletin board, prior notice to the addressee, who can object to such fact, as well as by mail, with acknowledgment of receipt requested, or through a courier service; they can also be served by telegram, fax, electronically or through other similar means, prior acceptance in written from the interested party.

The documentation submitted electronically, by fax or through any other proper means by an administrative office of the Agency to other office of the agency to be served, shall have full force and effect, provided the receiving office has confirmed the identification code of the public server that submits the documentation, and this documentation is kept in full, unchanged and easily available.

ARTICLE 105.- Claims may be filed within the term of one year with respect to any of the following presumptions:

I. With respect to sales of goods or rendering of services.

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