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FIRST. This Decree shall take effect ninety days after it has been published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, except for the provisions set out in the following transitory articles.

SECOND. Article 92 TER shall take effect one hundred eighty days after the publication of this Decree.

THIRD. The amendment to Article 114 regarding the issuance of a ruling by the Agency, as well as the amendment to Article 26 and Articles 114 BIS and 114 TER, shall take effect one year after the publication of this Decree, subject to the budgetary availability to operate the offices required by the Agency to fulfill the duties set forth in such articles.

FOURTH. Article 18, subsection IV and the second paragraph of Article 99, regarding individuals, as well as the amendments to Article 100, to the last paragraph of Article 104 and the second paragraph of Article 117, the latter also with respect to individuals, shall take effect 9 months after the publication of this Decree. Likewise, in relation to the legal entities indicated in the second paragraph of subsection I of Article 2, as well as the second paragraph of Articles 99 and 117, respectively, said provisions shall take effect 18 months after the publication of this Decree.

FIFTH. The procedure to cancel the registration set out in Article 90 BIS, shall only be admissible regarding contracts that have been registered after the effective date of this Decree.

SIXTH. Regarding the transactions derived from the marketing systems indicated in Article 63 of the law carried out on a date before the effective date of this Decree, the provisions that governed them shall continue to apply until such contracts expire and the groups that exist on that date have been liquidated.

The corporations that currently manage such marketing systems may not open new groups of consumers under the terms of such provisions, nor execute new adhesion contracts. The above notwithstanding, during the 60 and 240 immediately following calendar days to the effective date of this Decree, either regarding personal or real property, respectively, the aforementioned corporations may execute adhesion contracts wherein the provisions mentioned in the preceding paragraph have been observed, exclusively in cases of groups of consumers that are still in the process of integration.

SEVENTH. As of the effective date of this Decree, the aforesaid corporations may only open new groups of consumers and execute the relevant adhesion contracts when they have the authorization of the Ministry, under the terms of Article 63, and have satisfied the applicable provisions.

EIGHTH. For purposes of the sixth transitory article, the Ministry and the Agency, within the scope of their jurisdictions, shall supervise the process to liquidate the groups, and to this end, they shall establish the pertinent guidelines.

NINTH. The corporations indicated in the sixth transitory article shall submit to the Ministry the information regarding the operation of the system, the number of contracts, number of groups, terms, and the condition of the consumers in the manner and terms established therefor, amongst other information. The Ministry may request to the aforesaid corporations to carry out external audits regarding groups of consumers incorporated according to the provisions in force before the effective date of this Decree.

The breach of the obligations to submit the information or carry out the audits set out in this article shall be penalized under the terms of the provisions of Article 128 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law.

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