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I. Products that shall state the elements, substances or ingredients used in their manufacture or incorporated into them, as well as their properties, characteristics, expiration dates, net contents, and/or drained weight, as well as other pertinent data, in the containers, packaging, wrappers, labels or advertising, including the terms and conditions of the instructions and warnings to regularly use and preserve them;

II. The tolerance admitted regarding weight and contents of products offered in containers or packaging, as well as the tolerance regarding the distribution and handling of liquefied petroleum gas;

III. The manner and terms in which the mandatory information concerning the products indicated in the preceding subsections shall be incorporated into them;

IV. The information requirements to which the warranties of products and services shall be subject to, except when subject to the inspection or surveillance of another government office of the federal public administration, in which case said office shall exercise such authority;

V. The requirements to be met by the systems and practices to market goods;

VI. The products that shall observe special requirements to show the recommended retail price of the products, whichever they may be, in their containers, packaging or wrappers, or by means of signs posted in the place where they are sold, advertised or offered to the public, as well as the manner in which they shall be displayed;

VII. The terms and conditions to be met by model adhesion contracts requiring recordal according to this Law;

VIII. The characteristics of products, processes, methods, systems or industrial, commercial or services practices that require standardization, pursuant to other provisions; and

IX. Other presumptions set forth in this Law and other ordinances.

Whenever required, the Ministry shall issue the criteria and guidelines in order to construe the standards indicated in this provision.

ARTICLE 20.- The Consumer Protection Federal Agency is a decentralized government agency that provides social service, with a legal capacity and a patrimony of its own. The Agency is an administrative authority, and has been entrusted to promote and protect the rights and interests of consumers, by seeking fairness and legal certainty in the relationships between suppliers and consumers. The activities of the Agency shall be governed by the provisions of this Law, the regulations hereto, and in accordance with its charter.

ARTICLE 21.- The Agency shall seat in Mexico City, and it shall establish regional offices in all the federal states and in the Federal District. Federal courts shall have competent jurisdiction to settle all disputes where the agency may be a party.

ARTICLE 22.- The Agency shall be organized in a decentralized manner so as to dispatch the matters entrusted to it, and shall have central offices, regional offices, sub-regional offices, and other administrative bureaus as it may deem advisable, under the terms set forth in the regulations and in accordance with its charter.

ARTICLE 23.- The patrimony of the Agency shall be formed by:

I. Its assets;

II. Resources directly assigned to it in the Federal Expenditure Budget;

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