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XIV. To surveil and verify compliance with the provisions set forth in this Law and, within the scope of its jurisdiction, the observance of the Federal Law on Metrology and Standardization (Ley Federal sobre Metrología y Normalización), as well as the Mexican Official Standards and other applicable provisions and, if applicable, to establish the criteria to verify their observance.

XIV bis. To verify that the scales, measurements, and measuring instruments used in trade, industrial or service transactions are adequate and, if applicable, make adjustments to the measuring instruments, under the provisions of the Federal Law on Metrology and Standardization;

XV. To record adhesion contracts that requires so whenever they meet the applicable set of internal rules and regulations, and to organize and keep a Public Registry of such adhesion contracts;

XVI. To promote the settlement of disputes between consumers and suppliers and, if applicable, to render rulings wherein the contractual obligations of the supplier are assessed, pursuant to the procedures set forth in this Law;

XVII. To file denunciations with the Public Prosecutor about the facts the Agency becomes aware of and that can constitute crimes and to file denunciations with the authorities with competent jurisdiction regarding acts that constitute administrative infringements affecting the interests of consumers;

XVIII. To promote and support the creation of consumers' organizations, providing them with training and advisory services, as well as to secure mechanisms for their self-management;

XIX. To apply penalties and other measures provided for in this Law, in the Federal Law on Metrology and Standardization, and in other applicable ordinances;

XX. To request from suppliers or authorities with competent jurisdiction to take the adequate measures in order to fight, deter, modify, or prevent all kinds of practices detrimental to the interests of consumers, and, when it may deem advisable, to publish such request;

XXI. To order that consumers are informed of actions or omissions of suppliers that adversely affect their interests or rights, as well as the manner in which suppliers shall refund or compensate them; and

XXII. Other authorities set forth in this Law and other ordinances.

ARTICLE 25.- The Agency, in order to discharge the duties attributed to it by law, may apply the following enforcement measures:

I. Warning;

II. Fine from $159.72 up to $15,972.37;

III. If the infringement continues, new fines may be imposed for every day that elapses and the pertinent order is not observed of up to $6,388.95, and

IV. The assistance of police force.

ARTICLE 25 BIS.- Whenever the life, health, safety, or economy of a group of consumers is adversely affected or may be adversely affected, the Agency can apply the following provisional remedies:

I. Impoundment of containers, goods, product and transportations;

II. Seizure of goods or products pursuant to the provisions of Article 98 TER of this Law;

III. Suspension of marketing goods, products or services;

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