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IV. Placement of warning seals, and

V. Order to suspend the information or advertising as set forth in Article 35 of this Law.

The provisional remedies shall be ordered according to the criteria that the Agency may issue for such purposes and within the pertinent proceeding, under the provisions of Article 57 and other applicable provisions of the Federal Law on Metrology and Standardization, as well as when it notices that the economy of a group of consumers is harmed or may be harmed in the cases indicated by Article 128 TER, or when the provisions of this Law are violated through different unfair trade conducts or practices, such as: nonperformance of displayed prices or fees, conditioning the sale of goods or services, nonperformance of offers and promotions; discriminatory conducts, and deceptive advertising or information. With respect to the provisional remedy set forth in subsection IV of this provision, before placing the pertinent seal, the Agency shall impose the remedy indicated in Article 25, subsection I, of this Law. Such remedies shall be lifted once it is proven that the causes that gave rise to their impositions have ceased. If applicable, the Agency shall inform the imposition of the remedy or remedies indicated in this provision to other authorities with competent jurisdiction.

ARTICLE 26.- The Agency shall have plaintiff's standing to bring class actions with competent courts in representation of consumers, so that such courts may render, if applicable:

I. A judgment declaring that one or several persons have carried out a conduct that caused damages to consumers and, therefore, that the redress of damages by way of ancillary proceedings is legally admissible regarding the interested parties evidencing their capacity as aggrieved parties. If applicable, the indemnity of damages shall not be less than twenty percent of such damages, or

II. An order to prevent, suspend, or modify the performance of conducts that cause or may be expected to cause damages to consumers.

The Agency, in representation of aggrieved consumers, may exercise, by way of ancillary proceedings, the claim of pertinent damages, based upon the judgment rendered by the judicial authority.

The authorities conferred to the Agency by virtue of this article shall be exercised once their legal appropriateness has been analyzed, taking into consideration the seriousness, the number of claims or denunciations filed against the supplier, or the general harm that may be caused to the health or patrimony of consumers.

The Agency shall be exempted from submitting any bond with the judicial authorities in order to exercise the actions indicated in subsections I and II.

ARTICLE 27.- The Federal Consumer Attorney shall be vested with the following authorities:

I. To legally represent the Agency, as well as to grant authorities to its public servants to represent it in judicial, administrative, and labor matters or proceedings;

II. To appoint and remove personnel who work for the Agency, and prescribe their duties and compensations;

III. To create the offices required for the proper operation of the Agency, and to determine the jurisdiction of such offices, according its charter;

IV. To inform the Minister of Economy the affairs, which fall within the scope of the Agency;

V. To propose the preliminary draft of the budget of the Agency, and to authorize the utilization of the approved budget;

VI. To approve the programs of the entity;

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