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Finally you will design a small structure in the form of a shed informed by the architect's ideas. Your final piece will be a simple structure to be placed in Greenwich Park. It will be a 4 by 4 metres shed. It will have a roof terrace, or a balcony in a second floor for those using sloping roofs. It will serve leisure purposes i.e. protecting your self from the sun, rain or snow, changing your clothes, preparing a tea or a small bite, storing some chairs and a table to put out in the park, reading, talking, meditating and providing a base from which to enjoy the park with family and friends…. But it does not have dwelling purposes.

The Park has been divided in an orthogonal grid. Each of the grid's intersections has a number. This number corresponds to an architect's name on the list provided. Your choice of an architect provides a site number for your shed. All year one projects together will compose The Avery Hill Architect's Park


  • Sketchbook exploration

  • A1 with Background research on chosen architect-projects etc

  • A1 with Drawing in the style of the chosen architect

  • Site plan 1:100

  • 1:20 drawings of shed (one plan, section and two elevations minimum)

  • 1:50 axonometric of shed + all study models 1:50 (one minimum)

  • 1:20 Model

All your drawings should express the spirit of the architect you are working with, from the collage to the technical drawings. You are strongly encouraged to use drawing instead of photography, unless your chosen architect demands it

ASSESTMENT See cover Sheet CONCEPT 17% approx DEVELOPMENT 33% approx RESOLUTION 50% approx

PROJECT TIMETABLE Week 18 Monday 22 Jan: Project 02 Brief Handouts Friday 26 Jan: Tutorial: my research/my chosen project

Week 19 Monday 29 Jan: Pin up/My architects drawing Friday 02 Feb: Tutorial/My architects shed + my study models 1:50

Week 19 Monday 05 Feb: Tutorial or pin up/My shed drawings/Context: my neighbouring sheds Friday 09 Feb: Tutorial/My shed drawings/Context: my neighbouring sheds

Week 20 Monday 12 Feb: Project 02 Presentation

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