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Do Women have to be naked to get into the Met. Museum? (poster) Bus companies are more enlightened than NYC Galleries. (poster) Guerrilla Girls Code of Ehtics for Art Museums (poster) The Advantages of being a Woman Artist (poster) At last! Musuems will no longer discriminate against women and minority artists.(poster) Guerrilla Girls Review the Whitney (interactive exhibition at the Clocktower, New York) What's fashionable, prestigious and tax deductible? (poster) Why in 1987 is Documenta 95% white and 83% male? (calling card) We sell White Bread (sticker) It's even worse in Europe (poster) Dearest Art Collector (poster) Under Surveillance this year... (poster) Guerrilla Girls Hits List (poster) Hidden Agender/Passing the Buck (panel discussions) Only 4 commercial galleries in NY show black women. Only 1 shows more than 1. (poster) Which art magazine was worst for women last year? (poster) Guerrilla Girls' 1986 Report Card (poster) What do these artists have in common? (poster) These galleries show no more than 10% women artists or none at all. (poster) How many women had one-person exhibitions at NYC museums last year? (poster) These critics don't write enough aboutwomen artists: (poster) On Oct. 17 the Palladium will apologize to women artists (poster, curation of exhibition) John Russell thinks things are getting better for... (poster) Women in America earn only 2/3 of what men do. Women artists earn only 1/3 of what men artists do. (sticker/poster)

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