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Rendering objects are central to the sophisticated workflow capabilities of CDO 1.2.

Two rendering objects constitute the CDO 1.2 rendering application: the ObjectRenderer and the ContainerRenderer. With the ObjectRenderer, developers can render individual objects, such as a Message, Folder, or AddressEntry. With the ContainerRenderer, developers can render a collection of such objects. In each case, CDO 1.2 provides formats and views to control the display of objects and information pertinent to them.

Applicable to both the ContainerRenderer and the ObjectRenderer are the DataSource property and the RenderHeadings, RenderProperty, RenderLink, and RenderPath methods. The DataSource property specifies the object to be rendered. RenderHeadings returns the column headings. RenderProperty renders HTML for a specified property by invoking the action and creating the HTML. RenderLink creates an HTML link to a particular object. RenderPath returns the path to a collection of folders or an address book.

The CDO 1.2 rendering application also supports substitution tokens that can be embedded into a string. In rendering, actual values replace the tokens. For example, to generate a link to a URL, developers can set the format of this URL and then, when it’s rendered, the values will be replaced.

Within CDO 1.2, each collection of objects has a set of views that determines how that collection is rendered to a user. For example, developers can set the DataSource property equal to a collection of folders, and CDO 1.2 will return views appropriate to folders. By default, a collection includes standard views, but also, while a user is logged on, can include custom views created dynamically using scripts. There are two classes of views objects: table view, which shows a rows and columns layout, and calendar view, which shows a daily or weekly calendar layout.

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