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        Manufacturer shall furnish a floating fountain system capable of pumping water from below the surface of a body of water.

      • B.

        A submersible motor shall draw water into an impeller chamber where it shall be pumped into the atmosphere in the form of a decorative fountain.

      • C.

        The water droplets shall become oxygen enriched and return to the surface, therefore transferring oxygen from the atmosphere into the body of water.

      • D.

        This repeated action shall effectively mix the body of water and distribute the dissolved oxygen continuously.

      • E.

        Fountain system shall include a motor in a housing combined with a centrifugal type pump housing, attached to a modular floatation system. This assembly shall be connected to an electrical control panel by underwater power cable, all of which as specified in SECTION 1.2.


AERATOR COMPONENTS DESCRIPTION A. Floats shall be made of linear low density polyethylene.

Float system shall be

modular and field adjustable to maintain an even floatation level. Four Series 300 stainless steel C-channel rails shall be welded to the fountain framework for float mounting. All optional lights and anchor mounting shall be capable of being installed into fixture mounting areas which are provided on the framework. (See SECTION 5 ).

B. Impeller shall be of a closed type, cast Series 300 stainless steel and precision balanced. The impeller is housed in a stainless steel, single stage centrifugal type pump housing with vertical discharge. Discharge piping shall not have more than two 90 degree bends to reduce pumping losses.

C. Framework shall be a weldment of rectangular and square stainless steel tubing with a minimum wall thickness of 1/8 inch. Framework shall be equipped with four heavy duty linear low density polyethylene wheels mounted on stainless steel axles for ease of installation and routine maintenance practices. Wheels shall have a diameter of not less than ten inches and a width not less than five inches for ground

bearing purposes. D. Motor housing shall be Series 300 stainless steel.

The 10-15 hp shall have a

permanent Series 300 stainless steel electrical hub welded on side of housing to allow electrical cable entry. The 20-25 hp shall have a series 300 stainless steel housing for electrical cable entry secured with 300 stainless steel bolts and o-ring sealed.

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