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I will discuss mainly Chinese traditional medicine (CTM) because it is my cultural

background, and the one with which I have personal experience. Chinese traditional medicine

should be allowed to be a legitimate medical alternative that is not denounced by other medical

traditions. In addition, despite the conceptual and philosophical elements that still permeate CTM

today that puts it in conflict with the scientific Western medicine, the modern Western medicine

should incorporate some of the practices of other cultures. The modern Western medical tradition

is evidence-based and overwhelmingly scientific. Insurance companies would rather all

diagnoses come from a checklist of symptoms, and all treatments come from a proven clinical

trial. This type of tradition dehumanizes both the practitioner and the patient. My medical

tradition is personal, separates religion from medicine, integrates book learning and practical

application in medical education, and recognizes that different medical traditions can be equally


Medical tradition is not a static course of behavior clinically, but rather consists of

continued exploration, research, and study. To belong to a medical tradition means to train in it,

to turn to it as a first recourse when ill, and to synthesize and continue to make it progress. We

must continually increase the body of medical knowledge through exploration of alternatives,

whether it is an alternative chemical formulation of a drug or an alternative practice and

tradition. I believe that medicine should have scientific foundations, and, in response to

arguments that traditional medicine is nonscientific, that it is critical to sponsor the study and

research of the traditional medical treatments. However, medicine is not solely scientific nor

always produces tangible results. Effects can be psychological, spiritual, emotional, and not

quantifiable by technology. Traditional medicine has in general been better that modern

medicine at treating the body as a whole and not simply as a set of symptoms.

Leung 2

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