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Steps to Obtaining a Vehicle

First, in order to drive in Japan, you must have a valid stateside driver’s license and complete the driver’s safety class that is given on the last day of AOB/ICR class. After completing the driver’s safety class, passing the written & driving portions of the test, you will be issued a SOFA driver’s license. (If you have a teenager who will be coming to driving age while are here, there is a driver’s training course is offered through FFSC in conjuction with the Kinnick High School). On base, there is an extensive used car system, where the “lemon lot” showcases the available vehicles. Most cars are reasonably priced, with small coupes selling from about $1500 and vans in the $2500-$5000 range. The “Lemon Lot” is located towards the far left of the Commissary parking lot, near the After School Care facility. Check the bulletin boards around base (ie: Navy Lodge, Commissary, Towers, etc) for other car listings as well.

Note: Obtaining a vehicle can take from 1 to 2 weeks on average. Cars must be registered in the sponsor’s name. If anyone other than the sponsor— even a spouse—is arranging the registration, a Power of Attorney (POA) is needed. One can be obtained at the Legal Office (Phone: 243-5141) on the 2nd floor of PSD, across from the Fleet and Family Support Center. For any questions about the following process, contact Vehicle Registration Office (Phone: 243-5011).

1. Obtain a valid driver’s license (USFJ Form 4) as part of AOB.

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    Find a car you like.

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      E-4 and below need approval from their CO and CFAY Security Officer to own a car.

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      Buy from “Lemon lot” located next to commissary, individuals, etc.

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      Buying a car in town may mean longer wait time for title (>5 days).

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    Get base inspection & JCI for car (on base) if due.

4. Get liability insurance for car Located in Auto Rental Building between Navy Lodge & Autoport Gas station

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    The newer the car, the longer the coverage period needed (<37 months)

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    Insurance is paid for up front!

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