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Setting Up Your Cable & Internet

If you live on base, you can use Americable for cable TV and Internet access (Phone: 241-2288). Americable offers a variety of plans that carry a number of local Japanese stations, some American cable channels, and a few pay channels. In general, the AFN channels offer American programming, with most TV series playing several months behind what is airing in the states. Although, many sporting events are carried live. Reality shows are carried “almost-live”, meaning they air over here the day after they aired in the states.

If you live off base, you can get a decorder box & satellite dish so you can watch the Armed Forces Network (AFN) channels on your television.

Internet service is offered on-base through Americable. Internet service is offered off-base through JCOMM. It may take a week or more from the time you call JCOMM to set up your appointment, so call as soon as you determine your living arrangements.

Netflix (mail order video rental) will work here and though mail may take longer, you can still enjoy “home” delivery of movies and TV shows here in Japan (please use your PSC address not Japan address (if off base) to avoid confusion). You can use a DVD recorder in Japan and one may come in handy if you watch sports. Many U.S. games are on TV during the night if they are live. (Note that Tivo and ReplayTV devices and services do not work in Japan, even as a manual digital recorder.)

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