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Telephone Information

Consider using the internet and a service such as Vonage (www.vonage.com), Skype or VOIP to phone the U.S. If you live on base, you can sign up for DSN phone plan through the Base Communications Office (Phone: 24305847). Phone cards are also available at the NEX and various locations around base.

Helpful reminders when calling within Japan (from cell phones)

For 241 prefixes: 046-896-XXXX For 243 prefixes: 046-816-XXXX For 246 prefixes: 046-806-XXXX To Dial the Base Operator: From on-base: 243-1110 From off-base: 046-816-1110 Calling from the U.S.: (for other countries, replace 011 with correct international access #)

241 prefixes: 011-81-46-896-XXXX 243 prefixes: 011-81-46-806-XXXX 246 prefixes: 011-81-46-806-XXXX Cell phones start with 090: 011-81-90-XXXX-XXXX Cell phones start with 080: 011-81-80-XXXX-XXXX To Dial Directly to U.S.: 88 + 00 + 11 + AREA CODE + NUMBER To call the U.S., you can purchase a NEX EZ-Call Calling Card for $20 from vending machines at the Navy Lodge, Main Street Food Court, or the Laundromat. You can call using your cell phone without using your airtime minutes, but you will get fewer minutes for your money than if you call using a land line. Note: In Japan, cell phone plans usually have fewer minutes included per month than U.S. plans. However, incoming calls are free on cell phones (they don’t take away from your monthly minutes). Many people also use text messaging since it doesn’t cost as much as a call if you exceed your allotted minutes per month.

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