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Station #2: The second puzzle is the Rosary puzzle.  (See file: Station 2.jpg)  At least one of the kids will need to know how to pray the rosary in each group.  The puzzle is solved by filling in the 6 blanks.  Each blank is found by knowing where on the rosary to start and counting the Hail Marys. For example, on blank 1 the clue is The Annunciation + 4 Hail Marys.  The Annunciation is the 1st Joyful mystery, so you would start with the first decade of the Rosary.  You count over 4 beads, and you get an "L".  The result is Luke 2:51.  You can provide them with a list of the 15 mysteries, grouped as Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious if you feel they will not know them.  You can also increase difficulty by substituting the listed mystery with a scripture passage describing the mystery instead.  For example instead of The Annunciation + 4 Hail Marys, you can cite Luke 1:26-38 + 4 Hail Marys.  An added bonus question can be included ... what is the

significance of the 1st 4 beads ... 3 = Trinity .... JMJ = Jesus, Mary, Joseph.  In the file I uploaded, you will need to draw in the cord connecting the beads.  A simple line will do, but any artistic inspirations

you come up with are strongly encouraged :o)

Ok, so the passage Luke 2:51 is about Jesus being obedient to His parents. This trial is one of obedience.  The person running this trial should put the kids through a series of rigorous activities, like jumping jacks,

running back and forth, push ups, etc.  The kids should be worked physically. This will do several things ... get any antsy ness out, will help to break down some social inhibitions (I've found physical activity to have this affect on high school kids... provided you can get them to do it in the first place:o) burn off any excess energy in the younger kids, but also set the stage for the next trial at station #3.  Once they have been

sufficiently worked, they can be given the next puzzle and move onto the next station.

Station #3:  The third puzzle is number of questions pertaining to the Catholic Faith.  You can substitute any questions you find appropriate.  The result however, should be Matthew 4:1-11.  In the sample I provided (file: Station 3.doc) the solutions are: 1)Mary  2)Abraham  3)Tiberius

4)Transubstantiation  5)4   6)1   7)11 ... resulting in MATT 4:1-11, the Temptation of Jesus in the desert.

This trial is about resisting Temptation.  The person running this trial takes on the persona of Satan.  Here a table should be set out with water/drinks, snacks/candy.  There are 3 temptations to mirror Jesus'.  Ask

the kids of they would like a drink of water, or perhaps a gummy bear? Offer to trade them the drinks & snacks for their egg.  This should look really good after their previous work out, as I'm sure the bread looked good to Jesus after fasting for 40 days.  Hopefully they won't give it away, but if they do ... hold onto it until the very end.  If they refuse to give up their egg, an angel can come by and give them some refreshment after the end of the temptations (mirroring Christ's experience).  Next, tell them that

you noticed that they've had a helper along their journey, referring to the Angel(s).  Ask them to send for the Angel.  If they do, ask them to tell  the angel to go way.  Repeat as many times as you deem necessary.  If they refuse, go onto the last temptation.  For the last temptation ask them to write out any prayer that they know.  After this is done tell them to modify the prayer into the funniest version they can think of.  Again hopefully they won't do this, but almost every group I have ever done this to always gives into mangling prayers.  You can even read off the modified prayers at the end to the entire group.  It provides for good laughs.

However they give in or resist the temptations, they get the next puzzle and moved onto the next station.  The temptations here can be substituted for anything you deem appropriate (time, resources, etc.)  It's just the idea of tempting them that matters.

Station #4: The fourth puzzle is The Catholic Word Search (file: Station 4.doc). This is fairly straight forward.  Find the words, then the letter that follows the last letter of that particular word is what fills in the

blank.  So in my example, the word Sin is followed by a T.  That goes in blank # 3.  The passage works out to Matthew 14:15-16.  In this passage Christ commands His disciples to feed the crowd.  The trial for this is pure fun and team work.  Ask for 3 volunteers, or if possible divide the team into groups of 3, but don't tell them what they are to do.  After you get the volunteers blind fold 2 of the 3.  The 2 blind folded kids are to sit opposite each other across a table.  One blind folded person is to feed the other blindfolded person.  Neither of the blind folded people are to speak, but the third person who is not blind folded is allowed to speak, but not to touch.  Any type of food is good, but drinks and pudding works well, and is fun and messy :o)  After the food is completed, they are to be given the next puzzle and moved onto the next station.

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