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In the end a summary of each trial and its real meaning can be explained/discussed, depending on time allowances.  What they might have learned, experienced, etc.  Regarding the time frame, I usually allot 2.5 -3 hours.  But the game is flexible enough to accommodate other time frames.  If you want to shorten it, you can take out some/all of the puzzles and just give the kids the scripture passages and let them go through the trials, or make the puzzles more simple and easy to solve.  Or you can make the game

longer by extending the trials or making the puzzles harder.  It's up to you.  You might want to try a dry run of the puzzles on a person of the appropriate age so you can get an idea of how long it takes them to solve

them.  Also, if you don't think you would have the opportunity to use the entire game at once, you can take out each of the stations and use them in a particular, appropriate lesson.  I've done that too.

Now, I know it seems like a lot of work, and I don't want to fool you into thinking it isn't, it is.  But I've had tremendous success with this game. It's brought out some of the most recalcitrant, aloof teens and made them active participants. It's been developing for several years, and continues to be a work in progress.  I welcome any input and constructive criticism. I hope it helps some of you as it has me.  Whew ...

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Copyright, 2001 Linh Le

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