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Call for Writers

Great Lives from History: Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders


Dear Colleagues,

Salem Press is preparing an exciting new addition to our Great Lives from History series that will profile more than 500 important Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. This four-volume set will feature essays on prominent individuals with this heritage from all periods of American history. Whether immigrants themselves or the children or grandchildren of immigrants, many people on the list below encountered discrimination, language barriers, or other challenges on the way to having an impact on society or their chosen career. We hope you'll take part in this inspiring project.

The figures to be covered in Great Lives from History: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders were selected with the guidance of the Editor, Dr. Gary Y. Okihiro, director of the Asian American Studies program at Cornell University and the author of such award-winning works as Cane Fires: The Anti-Japanese Movement in Hawaii, 1865-1945.

The list is divided into the following categories: art, photography, and architecture; business; civil rights and social issues; education and scholarship; entertainment; fashion and design; journalism and publishing; law; literature; medicine; military and war; music; politics and government; religion and spirituality; science, mathematics, and aviation; and sports. We recommend that you look through all the names, as each individual is listed only once and many could have been placed into more than one category. Vital dates are supplied in parentheses to make identification easier (but have not yet been officially vetted by our Research Department).

Profiles are 1000, 1500, or 2000 words long, as indicated in brackets on the list. Each essay will begin with a statement about the individual's primary contribution and top matter information about birth/death and fields of achievement. The main text sections are "Early Life," "Life's Work," and "Impact." Every essay ends with an annotated list of sources called "Further Reading." Essays of 1500 or 2000 words will include a sidebar of 250-300 words highlighting an aspect of the subject's life; a specific sidebar topic chosen by Dr. Okihiro will accompany the assignment notification.

Complete instructions and a sample essay with sidebar will be sent when you are notified of your assignments. Before requesting an assignment on any particular figure, however, please give careful consideration to the question of whether you will be able to find sufficient information to write a full essay on that person at the assigned length.

We're also assigning six appendixes: a general "Bibliography" of nonfiction works, without annotations (5000 words); an annotated list of relevant "Literary Works" (5000 words); an annotated "Mediagraphy" of important films and television series (5000 words); an annotated "Web Site Directory" (2000 words); an annotated list of "Research Centers and Libraries" (2000 words); and an annotated list of "Organizations and Societies" (2000 words). Specific instructions and examples from previous sets in this series will be provided.

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