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Assignments are contracted as "work made for hire," with payments of $50 for 1000 words, $75 for 1500 words, $100 for 2000 words, and $250 for 5000 words. All essays and appendixes will carry the author's byline; names and affiliations will be listed in the front of volume 1.

If you'd like to write for Great Lives from History: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, please return your Preference Form by Friday, December 10, 2010. We encourage you to send it via e-mail, "Attn GLFH: Asian Am," to edit@salempress.com; you may also fax it to (626) 584- 1525. First-time contributors to Salem Press must send a current resume or curriculum vitae; an abbreviated version is fine. Assignments will be made and contracts, instructions, and sample articles sent out the following week. The deadline for the arrival of manuscripts at our office is Friday, February 4, 2011. If you're currently too busy to participate, you can return the form and vitae to be included in our database for future mailings for this project and others. We also encourage you to submit your preferences even if you've missed the response deadline.

If you have any questions, e-mail them to edit@salempress.com, "Attn GLFH: Asian Am," or call (626) 584-0106. Thank you for considering our invitation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Tracy Irons-Georges Editor, Salem Press

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Great Lives from History: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders - - Mailing List Manuscript deadline: Friday, February 4, 2011

ART, PHOTOGRAPHY, AND ARCHITECTURE Alcala, Alfredo (1925-2000) [1000w] Arai, Tomie (b. 1949) [1000w] Asawa, Ruth (b. 1926) [1000w] Barry, Lynda (b. 1956) [1000w] Cha, Theresa Hak Kyung (1951-1982) [1000w] Cham, Jorge (b. 1976) [1000w] Chan, Ernie (b. 1940) [1000w] Chi, Tseng Kwong (1950-1990) [1000w] Chang, Wah (1917-2003) [1000w] Choy, Philip (b. 1926) [1000w] Chung, Y. David (b. 1959) [1000w] DeZuniga, Tony (b. 1941) [1000w] Date, Hideo (1907-2004) [1000w] deSouza, Allan (b. 1958) [1000w] Doi, Isami (1903-1965) [1000w] Duena, Victor (1888-1966) [1000w] Fenollosa, Ernest Francisco (1853B1908) [1000w] Figueroa, Don (b. 1964) [1000w] Gee, Yun ((1906-1963) [1000w] Hayashi, Masumi (1945-2006) [1000w] Kane, Herb (b. 1928) [1000w] Khan, Fazlur (1929-1982) [1000w] Kim, Ernie (1918-?) [1000w] Kingman, Dong (1911-2000) [1000w] Koike, Kyo (1878-1947) [1000w] Laigo, Valeriano Montante (1930-1992) [1000w] Lee, Moon [1000w] Lin, Maya Ying (b. 1959) [1500] Manabat, Nick (1972-1995) [1000w]

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