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the company camp area for an event, and the firearm will be secured out of sight in the tent or accommodations at the conclusion of the event.

When a "Cease Fire!" is called for any reason, any and all firing is to stop, immediately! All members of the 2nd Delaware are to scrupulously observe this order. Under no conditions are we to begin firing again unless so ordered by the 2nd Delaware unit commander or senior NCO. "Cease Fire!” like the cry "Medic!" should not be taken lightly. If you have or suspect you have a loaded weapon the following procedure will be used:

Keep the muzzle of your weapon elevated and inform the officer or NCO of your situation. The officer or NCO will collect the men with the loaded firearms and take them to a safe place, away from spectators. After announcing, "Fire in the hole!” and only at the command of the officer or NCO, the men will discharge their firearms at an elevation into the air. This will render the weapon safe for marching and later capping off.

Failure to comply with this stringent safety rule may be cause for expulsion from the battle or exercise. Repeated offense may be reason for summary ejection from the 2nd Delaware.

Failure of musket to fire

If your musket fails to fire for any reason, the following instructions are to be followed. Safety being the major consideration at all times. Keep the muzzle elevated unless instructed otherwise.

If the cap fires but the gun fails to discharge or you are not sure it went off, at the next command to Load do not put more powder down the bore. Pull the hammer back to half cock, take off the old cap and put a new one on the cone. At the next command to Fire if the gun goes off then things are OK. If it fails to discharge then there is a problem. If you are in a formation, do the following:


Front rank men let an NCO know you have a problem.


Rear rank men will do an About Face (180 degree turn to the right) and let NCO know you are having a problem with your gun.


Remember to keep the firearms muzzle elevated, unless you are instructed to do otherwise.


Await the NCO, who will assist you.


The most common problem is a fouled cone. Take the cone pick or paper clip and run it through the hole in the cone several times.


Put a new cap on and get back into your formation or place.


If on the next command to Fire, the gun still fails to discharge then go through the front/rear rank instructions. Await the assistance of a NCO.


Move back from the line several steps. Turn the gun so the muzzle is several inches off the ground. Slap the stock several times with the flat of your hand. Take notice if any powder comes out of the barrel. If not, then it could be it was never loaded. The gun may have actually fired. In any case, pull the hammer back to half cock and put a new cap on the cone.


The NCO will say, "Fire in the hole" and tell you to fire at the ground, if the grass

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