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The circumstances and conditions of indentureship were unfortunate, the environment in the lands of their homes away from home were rough, exploitative and stealthily violent against their religion and culture.

DII are the oldest (< 4-8 generations) PIO around the world.

Unlike the PIO who enrich the already developed countries, DII are engaged in nation-building efforts, with Indian motto of unity in diversity,

The self-confidence and psyche of DII and PIO, and their perception by their compatriots are irretractably linked with Indian heritage.

DII are engaged in the evolution of new nations and face unfair political, economic and cultural pressures in young multiethnic societies.

Government of India, financial institutions and non-governmental organizations in India should develop a special policy for equipping DII to contribute as respectable partners in the on-going nation-building effort in their multiethnic, multicultural and multi-religious societies, which is based upon the principle of unity at the plane of spirit and diversity at the plane of manifestation.


Enhancing Perception of India in countries of DII

The local social, political, religious, emotional, cultural and economic interest of DII would thrive best in congenial, friendly, understanding and appreciative environment. It would require boosting the genetic endowment of metaphysical brotherhood between the two children of natural theology-the Africans and Indians. To this end, following suggestions are presented.

Short-term visiting fellowships/ attachments. Emphasis should be on those persons who change the perception of India in the developing countries with DII, such as religious leaders, education officers, teachers, journalists, NGOs.

Annual visits by distinguished Indian scholars. DII countries are not exposed to intellectual exercise in Indian heritage. Regular visits by 2-3 scholars in religion and social aspects are required.

Annual trade fair at local level for displaying Indian cultural history and imports in Jamaica (which are unnoticed and unknown even to me), and other goods with potential markets


International Technical Cooperation and Assistance.

Honouring and expeditious implementation of international commitments. Nothing is more shameful for a PIO than seeing India become a laughing stock for not keeping international commitments. Reference is made to the commitment by Ministry of External Affairs at the G15 meeting in Cairo in June 2000, to supply equipment and expertise for the establishment of a toxicology laboratory at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica. In spite of two meetings with the two successive Secretaries, Economic Affairs at the MEA, not a word about the

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