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December 4, 2013

Sprinkler 41e

tecHnical data

microfast® and microfastHP® quick resPonse Pendent sPrinklers

the Viking corporation, 210 n industrial Park drive, Hastings mi 49058 telephone: 269-945-9501 technical services: 877-384-5464 fax: 269-818-1680 email: techsvcs@vikingcorp.com

desiGn criteria - ul

(Also refer to Approval Chart 1 on page 41d)

culus listing requirements:

Microfast® and MicrofastHP® Quick Response Pendent Sprinklers are cULus Listed as indicated in the Approval Chart for installation in accordance with the latest edition of NFPA 13 for standard spray sprinklers.

  • Designed for use in Light and Ordinary Hazard occupancies (exception: small orifice sprinklers are limited to Light Hazard where allowed by

the installation standards being applied, with hydraulically calculated wet systems only).

  • The sprinkler installation rules contained in NFPA 13 for standard spray pendent sprinklers must be followed.

imPortant: always refer to Bulletin form no. f_091699 - care and Handling of sprinklers. also refer to page qr1-3 for general care, installation, and maintenance information. Viking sprinklers are to be installed in accor- dance with the latest edition of Viking technical data, the appropriate standards of nfPa, lPcB, aPsad, Vds or other similar organizations, and also with the provisions of governmental codes, ordinances, and standards, whenever applicable.

figure 3: sprinkler Vk302 dimensions with a standard escutcheon and the model f-1 adjustable escutcheon

figure 4: sprinkler Vk302 dimensions with the model e-1 and e-2 recessed escutcheons

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