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including each finished part. Original mill test reports, showing conformance to all specified requirements, shall be available for all material. Random samples for destructive batch tests may be required to verify the mill test reports. Certifica- tion papers shall be required from all sources who determine chemistry,

cleanliness, mechanical properties, and notch toughness properties.


Manufacturer shall provide all items in connection with these requirements at no additional cost to ASPA if requested.


Where trucks

possible, material are manufactured.

shall be domestic to the country The intent of this requirement

where the Forklift is to maintain the

relationship between the Manufacturer and his supplier.


      • 4.3.5.

        Material specifications for load bearing parts shall specify minimum chemical, physical, and mechanical properties including both toughness and steel cleanliness, and shall require verification tests and certified test reports. The method(s) and temperature of testing, sampling procedure and criteria for acceptance or rejection shall be specified.

      • 4.3.6.

        Should any question arise on the part of ASPA as to the quality or identity of any materials or equipment incorporated into the Forklift trucks or as to the quality of any work performed thereon or in respect thereof, the Manufacturer shall bear the reasonable cost of furnishing evidence that the quality of such materials, equipment, or workmanship complies with the requirements of this Contract or if such materials, equipment, or workmanship are not specifically covered by this Contract that the same are of the intended quality.

Corrosion Prevention

      • 4.4.1.

        The Forklift trucks will operate in the salt air environment of a marine terminal as described by Section 11.2. Materials used shall minimize corrosion and maintenance required as a result of corrosion. Pockets where water could collect shall be avoided and, if unavoidable, shall be drained to prevent standing water.

      • 4.4.2.

        All parts shall be provided with corrosion protection. Protection may be provided by use of inherently non-corroding materials or by shielding from the corrosive environment. Shielding may consist of mechanical enclosures or effective coatings. All parts shall be accessible for inspection and maintenance or renewal of their corrosion prevention provisions.

      • 4.4.3.

        The Manufacturer to provide a five (5) year warranty on the paint system of the Forklift trucks against any substantial corrosion caused by a failure of the paint system (corrosion due to physical damage of the paint is excluded).

      • 4.4.4.

        The Manufacturer shall submit with his proposal their proposed paint coating system. This information shall include the intended paint Manufacturer, paint system type, number of coats, type of coating, dry film thickness (DFT) require-

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