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origirally introduced;as word pmoce.wng machines. It

wu not long, howevcr, tdore Lhelr use


include preparing holdings,

and finding aids for the


for archival

and photographic holdings, and convening MH['s massive coUtaionofrdc rence bi hLlographics(rclbibs) from paper copy 10 eleccroolc flk.that could clI!ily be updalCd and produced for INlTOIlS. Relbibs rocus on $peCific subjects and mntaln. wealth of information

on Lhe

lihrary. IrtI\lval. and photof;rapIti<:

holdinp. As. such, ttey Ire very useful rcseardt tools.

n.e initial results ofthcse IUlomation cfforts were

and had . dramllic impaa on how materi are processed and on the way Mill handles patmn

1llc backloa: ormaterial. awaiting process

ina: has been reduced

now that materials

can be checked qukt ly "ainst exiSling holdings to immcdiillely identify and eliminate excess items. Despite a 10 percent reduction in st;l/"f since I98S.the instllute's abilily 10 respond more quickJy to the grow.



inquiries has been slgnifi.

enhanced. Moreover. III MHI ideNifies lind

makes available a

percentage of its

there has been a com:sponding Increase in their use.

As the instltute's colleclions came under conlrol

through the use of automation. the concept of impmy in,scrvia: by providing TmlOlC electronic to Its hoIdinpbegan todcvclQl). With this idea in mind, thc institute is plaming to provide c!eamnie aa;a;s 10 Ihc over 2.600 relbibs thlt havc been compiled by Iho:

Reference Branch over 1hc lasllwo yealll.


blbllogt;lphles will be throuJ:h

the Defense Data Network (DDN) using the automatic response fcatun: of its electmnlc mail system. Any n:mote usc r with acce511 10 Ihc DDN will be able to transfe r copies of the refbibs to I local computer and then manlpullte the tr.Inlifem:d information with <I local won! processill3packl&C. ACtt$S to the re fbibs likely will be availabie 10 DDN USC Ill in 1hc fall of 199 1.

n.e relbibs project is only the fin;( .9.ep in Ihc

plan to SNTl:

resourees with the Arm y

IIIS(orl,al community. Eventual ly M III hopes 10 have all Qf its dati bases. inyentorics, and finding aids del,:

t"",I(1I1 yIaXSSibie \0 rescarehc1"$.

a a ; a ; s shou Id

provc 10 be an irwaluabic asset 10 anyone doi", re searcllin Amcricln mi titaJ)' hlstOT)'. and iWIi, pn.wes It\IC' for the institute's holdings, It should be equally tJ\IC for 1hc numerous OIhc:r Army facilities with sig niflcanl hiStorical


Army lIistory Automalicln PrOJrcl

Recognizing the need 10 "!leIWOrt." the Army historical community and the fact that MHI boIh represents 1hc Army's maJn r repmltory of hiSIOricll materials and Is well Ilona In its automation tives.the U.S. Army Centero f Milltlry History(CMH), in conjunction with the institute. is sponscrinJ: an Army HislOry Automllion Worl<shop schcdu1c4 for UI-20 November II MHI. n.e purpose of the ","Orir. shop Is 10 gcneralC inlClt:SI in developing all automa· tlon network for AmlY historians and to encourage panieipams 10 look ror way, to automllC their local re!lOUrce holdings, while ensuring future romp,atlbili ty

with the

of the historical community. 11tc work•

shop's principal goals an::

1. To incn:asc: awareness of aUlDmalion efToru lhat cum:ntlycxist wilhin the Arm y historical eommu· oily and rclalCd org;uUution;

2. To introduce panldpants 10 eurrentll:(;hrolo lies thai may be appropriate in meeting thei r automa tion requi rements;

3. ToprovidclNnicip,ams with traininj!on how to

aUtomate, how to WOTt with technical how 10 acquire automated systems: and


4. To ]lrQVide

willi information on

how resoun;:cs can be shared through networking..

WOIbhop ItlCndccs--;>rimlrily historians. mu· scum mITmembers. libnrilllll. and .selected individu· aI$ willi an irllCrest in milillf)' hiSiory- wil1 reprc.scnt

a varidy of

from IIIroughoollhc Army

and will bring to it I breadth of knowledge and e"pc riencc regard i"J: A""y hislory that will hel p in p...:pa. Ing a network fur the: future .

Several prujccl3 m: under way in preparation fur this workshop:

I. CMII issued I survey to Army histori;ans re qUCSIing informltion about their cum,;nt autom ation efrons. Preliminary responses mnfirm tiUl1hcre m: pockets of automation within thc: Army hiSlOrical community. hul a Yllriety ofdifferenl systems and !inft.


areheing used. n.e final resuhsofthis

will be prcscnuxl

Iho: WOrkshop a.<: an indiu·

lor of where Army histurical automation


and as I guide fot how to pmcttd in the future: 2. As menlioned cartie r, MHI plam 10


relbibllCc:eI<Sibic through the DDN in the: fall 00991. Ilow thc:sc relbibs CIII be aCtt5llCd elcctrooieally by the rcmOlC user wiU be dcmonstllUod II tJr worluhop and will.scrvc as an cumplc of how the DDN might

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