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suppon !he dcvclop'llellt of an Anny hiwwy a'lIoma· lion network; and

bul il is clear \lqt.no::h. nctwor'o< would be of great

utilily to Army historians. No longer wiUthey


3. Workshop plal'lllCrl will make c:ontac\ with !he Office of the Direclor of lnfonnation Syslems for Command. ConllQl. Communicalions, and ComflUl· crs(ODISC4), Headquarters, Dcpa nmem oflhc: Anny, 10 invesligate the feasibilily o f developing hardware and sofiwan: 5laIIdan.l$ for the Anny historical fu/IC·

liom. This WO!UIql is

as the filS! 5tep toward

detective:" 10 locate peninent materials. They c;m spend Ihci r timc instead doing legitimale historical te!!Carch-sining lhrough the 5I)Urce materials them· selves.

For further infonn8tion about the Anny IliSlOry Automation Wortuhop. «K1lact Mr!. Kathryn i)avi$ at (717) 243-4365, DSN 242.04565, orvia e1cctmnicmlil sent 10 "davlsk@Cartislc-cm2.lrmy.mil.

tfUting .... clcc\J1)f'lic rcsouroe·slwing nctwort. within the Anny hiswrical communlly. Ideally, historians

should then be .ble \0

electronically the hold·

M'I. Krultryll DavI$II AssuTIJIII Di,«wlor SpltmS UlIM Mili4lT)' H1$wryJfl$RI/UC. ItIollow-"{J anlcIt 011

ofany Army historical rc!!Carch facility simply by a local computer \0 tap Into the nc:tworit. Ilow

the ,eswllliflM

i f AfTIlY

oppea, if!


this nctwurit wi ll be developed

yctLO be detcnn inc:d,

United States Field Artillery Association 1992 Writing Contest

The United SlatC:!j Field Anillery AssociatiM sponsoring ltssevcnthamual Hi$lory Wriling Con· lest. with the winncrl' anicles 10 be published in the August 1992 edition o f Field Artillery. ThOIJc wiW"o· ing 10 compeLr sl-l)uld submit an original, unpub

lished manuscript on any

perspective of

Thc anicle shtIulcl Include spoeiroc Ic:ssons: or

ronctpIs that apply \0 today"s


i.e.• it should not metely rcconl o:¥cTU or documem thc details ofan opICnllion. Authors may d",w from


period. A panel of three I!1'pen

will judge thc

FieW Anillery 10 lhe association by 3 1992. The 8$SOCiation ....i1Iawan:! S300 for the fil"$t place anicle. S150 fl)( 5C(XIfI(\ place, and S50 for thin:!. Seleo::ted honorable-mentlon articles also may

:tpp:i\I" in Field Anillery. Military of all branches and


manuscripts. which will be forwarded 10 them with· OUI the authors' names. The panel ....ilI detennine the winners based upon: Writing clarity (40 pen:ent), usefulness 10 IO<lIy'l RedIcit' (lO pe=rt), hi!llori· aol accuracy (20 pe=rt), and Originality ( 10 per.

allied nations, ;wi civilians of any nationality arc eligible 10 compete. need not be I membe rofthe :woci:ll.ion EJo.;h submission should be a manuscript of no mOil: than 2,500 words, and $ho\lll1 inc:lude foo\JJOtes, bibliog· raphy. and &rapIllC:!j (black and white or color pho.

send entries by 3 February 1992 10 the: United SlateS FICici ARiUery AJSOCiliion, ATrn: Writing ConteSl, P.O. Box33027.FonSill, Oklahmna73S03· 0027. For addi!lonal information, call the edilor or

ARil1ery al DSN 639·3121/ 6&06 orcommcrclal (405) 35 t ·SI2116806.

tographs, slides,

gr;ophs. dC.).


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