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Odober • December

I 0I;t - tndcbale S\lmJUndinlllhc SS.9IS billion second Lend-Lease bill, LIlt clIairman of !he House Appn> prialiOllS Committee. Congrenman Clareroce Cannon, s;a}'S "We provide [1.hc: Allies) with clouds of air planes. with .:rc:5 of tanks, and wilh lin IIYlIlanche of


9 OCI - In a message 10 Congress

Franklin D.

ROO$Cvelt \l1)leS rq:Ieill of Section 6 of.he Neutrality ACI of 1939. ",\1;ch precludes armint Alll(riean mer· chant $hips.

10 0I:t -1'Iw;: lioux passes the seocnd Lend·LUR bill.

\3 Oct - 1lIc Secretaries of Stale. Wlr. and the Navy lCSIify bdOft. Congress that the Neutrality ACI .\hnuld be modified 10 allow the arming of American meT chantmen II1d the entry of Ihcse ships imo war 7.O/lC!1.

16 Oct • TIle Bold V"'Mlr.., an American frcillilcr nyinlllhc Panamanian nag. is sunk lbool SOO mile!; south of leC:1and.

11 Oct • 1lIe House passes ;In tmendmc:nt 10 Ihc: NCUlnli\y Aa "'hid! would allow lht annin, of American mcTChlnl ships.

  • -

    The U.S. destroyer KwrllY is hit by. IOrpedo

JSO miles swlhwesl of Iceland. 'ThoIIgh dam

aged, \he

is Wle to limp to pan under her own

ptlIIo'tT. The cleven =w members killed III: lhe fir.>! American sevlcemen killed through hostile action in the war. omcial5 in Berlin accuse the United Statts of

Slaging [he incidem to get America Into the war.

19 Oa - The American freighter uhigll 1$ torpedoed and sunk by. Gennan wbmarineorrthe South African

20 Oa • In the Setwe an amendment to the $hip annina resolution i$ introduced which would repeal the Nwtralily Aa.

23 Oa - ll"II: Senale approves the second Lcnd·l.ca!C bill.

24 ().1 - President Roosevelt

\hat he will ask


World War II

for funds 10 double America's tank produc. tlon in light ofkSSOlt!llcamed by the Brillm in Nonh


2S Oct .

Romcvdt fonnally condemns the

execution of fift)' French hoslagcs by German soldiers

in reprisal for the 20 October assassination of Lt. Col. Karl Fncdrich HOtl, Nui command(:r in Nantes.


28 Oa _Prcsilknt Roosevelt signs the JcOOnd Lend_ Lea...e bill and iSSlXs an uecutivc oRlcr establishing the Office of Lend·Luse Administration.

29 oa . U.S. Navy oil tanker SuIiIOlU is !ievcn:ly dam- 1ged but 1101 sunk by a torpcOO SOUlh.....est of lcel;nl.

31 Oct -The U.S. destroyerRewb(..JOIMJ is torpedoed and 5Unk wnt of Iceland. This Is the flm Americal1

warship lost in the war.

  • -

    Following I

oonmiklng woril;crs. the

bctWCCTl !llrikcr.I and New Jersey. plant of

AirAssociatcs.lnc., isoccupicd by2. IOOArmytmops.

3 Nov - In a cable to Washinglon U.S. Ambassadorlo Japan .Jm;cph C. Grew uys Ilia! Japan ·'mlght n:son with dangerous and dr.amat N; suddcnne5s 10 mcasurn which might make inevitable war with the United Stales.:·

  • Admir.ll lsoruku YamamolO'S plan 10 anac:k

Pl:ar1 HartJor is


by the

high rom

6 Nov _ Union.

approvcs SIbillion\oan 10 the Soviet

_TIlC U.S. cruiser Omalla and dcstroyer Snmers ClIpiure the Gennan mcn:hantman O<k..WIlld, which w15opt11lting as a blncka(lc runroerdisguiscd b)' flying

the American flag.

7 Nov - "Tbc

approves an amcndmem. 10 the

Neul",li'y Aa which allows [hi; Inni", 0( AmeriQJl mcn:haru. ships and their ent.anoc ;nlO war lOOtS.

11 Nov- President ROO5Ievcl\ recommends wtlcnd· Lease.tid be extended to IhI; Free french.

16 Nov _TIle First.lnd r"OU"h Armies bc:gin two weeks or maneuvers in NOM and South Carolina.

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