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17 Nov - Presidenl Roosevelt signs the bill repealing

sections of!he Ncutl1l1ily Act

prohibillhc arming

or merchant ships and thcirsailinlln "'Inones.

  • PTesidrot

meets with $pCeial Japa.

envoy Saburo Kurusu II !he While 'Iouse to

dillC\l55 U.S.-Japanese n:latiom.

20 Nov · In ongoing diplomatic:: discu.ssions with !he UniICd Siala;, Jipal Pf!lIl'RS!hat the UnilCd Su\t;s end alillid 10 O1in;o and allow Japan complete auton In her dealings with China and Indo(:hina.

21 Nov - Lmd-lc&Se aid is extended to Icc:land and, 0Utt dJyslatcr. 10 the Free French.

23 NOY - U.S. fnn:c:$ occupy Dulch Guiana. which provides most of the b;iUAilc I1C(dcd by the dcferw.::

aluminum produoe1'5. The Nethel1ands and BlUil approve the occupation.

24 Nov - Gcnnany derooul1C(S the U.S. occupation of Dutch Guiana .s "While liouse Imperialism."

2S Nov - The DcpilUJ'N;TJl of thc Navy 0t"def1 the COflYoying of mcn:hlln' !<hip$ in thc Pacific.

27 Nov - The: Uniled States rejects blWl'S proposaIt: or20 November. dfeaLvely ending negotililions IO wan:! • pl:1lC% sclllcll'lenlo

3 D« . The U.S. mcrdlanl shipSQgad&tot: is sunk by IUiptdoco; in the South Atlanllc.

6Dec - President Roosevelt sends. ptl'SOfl.JI ilppCal rOt peaa: 10 Emperor lIirohlto.

7 Dtt .In . sulprisc atllCk Japar'IC5C for=; bomb f\::arl Hamor. 6estruyillJl four bauleships and two ather


fOlir OIher battleships. thm: crul5tl1.

three OOstA')ycrs. and two othcrships.lUld killiIlJl2.334 American scrviu:men. WIthin hourslhe Japancsc alSO

allICk the and Iiong Kong.

Guam. W.ke: Island. Sinpporc.

8 DIx: - The Unltod SLlIC5 dc:c.;ms ....... on Japan.


I I D e < : _ G e r m a n y a n d 1 I a l y d c : c l a n : . . . . u o n t h e : U n i t e d

SUttli. _The: United StaleS dc:clare5 .... lIaly.

'.Ofl Gcrmaoy and

12 De<: - Rumania. Hungary. and Slovakia dcclan: ....ar on tilt United

  • -

    u.S. troop! abIwd shira bound from Ila....aii 10

the: Far East an: organl7ed under Brig. Gm Julian F. Bamc:slI TWo FOItC SOuth Pacific.

13 De<: - Bulg;uil declares ....ar on the United States.

IS Dec - The filSl merchant ship lost by

in the

....ar. tilt AISIUI1J(lJI MUnl. is sunk by the U.S. subma·


17 De<: _Top Army and Navy IX)fI1manoX:rs in Ilani arc n:plattd as I n:suh oflht evenlll of1 Dcttmher.

  • -

    Albania dccl=s waron the United

20 Dec . The: Japanc:sc land at D.1vao. Mindanao, gpart.ing he:avy fighting.

  • -

    amend!lthe: Selective Tl1Iining and

Scrvioc: Act 10 provide for the ",&i"''''tion o f al1 men bclwccn the ages of 1M and 65••nd l.ht: eligibility for tl1llning of men between the a(:CS of20 and 45.

  • -

    American :tvi:llOft pauolling thc Burma Road

tumblck. raid against Kunming II1d shoot down four Japanese plarJC!l.

22 Dec - PrIme Ministn"WinstOn ChurchillnwxlS with PresiOem Roosevclt at the Whitc House to discuss pJ:wfor"theddeatorHitlen5lT1 th roullhoutthc world."

  • -

    The: Japanese mount a large-scale aUJult on

    • l.

      ul(ltl 1.\land in the I'hilippincs, engaging Amerk;m

and I-llipino troops.

  • -

    The firA American lmOpI< (Task Force South

Irrive in Austr.!lia.

23 Dec - Japan

Wake Islam. The a......")!;

malely 400 serviocmen and l,(XXl civiliaM on the islam an: cipluTtd.

26 De<: - Manila isdecllln:d ;mopen cily. A1ll1\)1lp5 are withdrawn and supplies dcsIroytd.

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