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Focus on the Field

MilUary IliJlOl"}' om..-e FOrl:f:I Command William 1':. Slaey, Command

education mission In Rxus Command. There simply would not be I viable military history prt)glllm belo'"

the corps level ",ithout1hcse


The command cu rrently

Ihn:c prvressional

ForCl:S Command (FORSCOM) is the eOlllincmal

clvlllan historian positions in the nCId. AU three



IJoase for the comb.Jl arms. combal!IUPO

po.,. and combal service SIIppon unil.5- bott1 AClivc and Reserve Componen1. As I Joint Chiefs of specified rommand. II 5UPPOru; \he oyerseas rom mandcl'!l in chief, as "'as done recemJy during J UST



the corps headqtilncrs level. In addition. the 101$1. Alrbome t>i"ision hi, appoinlCd a uniformed offi= 10 be iu; full-time historian. "These fOlir hisloriansSCTVC

only their own Oliani lati0l'l5, but o len pn>vitle 81afT 5Uppon 10 subonJinatc commands. Along with their hlSlOric;al WU. each corps historian has program

As mi&hl be C"PI'Cled In such a large and dlVCfllC:

lCSpOnSibilitic._a very full plate for a

command. the mHilary hi5lory

is both large

one·p!:T1IOI1 amoc:o

anddlvel'llC.11 ;also3I1imenpP;;IIlOOlllracjiclory. For e. amplc. oneof lhc besll'ORSCOM museum CUralnrs has a doclOrllC in hl$tory, and one of the best


off;as an AmlY museum

euralor. 1lle Military History lktachmer'll$ Irt not a1..ays IIlfTed by professiOlWly trained hiSIOrians. "'hile OIIr addltlon.al.duty historians OnCTt MVC ad

f'on.:o.::s Command has an OIIlSlandi", poolof talenl

In its AClive Amly and Reserve Component Mi litary HislOry Detachments (MHo!;). TrJined and re.1dy ..hen c;alled upon ror a comlngency or war, they support ma/!)' 0liani..ation$ and $p('cial projects duro log pneetime-onen farbeyond lheirnormaltrainlng


thrcc:-50ldier team

or a

vanced delll'lX:S in

To orchestrate and syn

major with the historian

a 46Q Public

such I divcl'lIC group is;m interesting chal lenge.

Traclillooa1ly. FORSCOM commandcllhl...c been

supponlvc of the mi1ilary history program, btll rarely has this suppon been tr:uulated into JlCmlanc:T11profes sional The oommandclll presume llw the FORSCOM histOrical community ",ill 00 its job in I professional manner. just as they praumc Wt soldien;can shoot straillhl and mechanlescan maintain 131\ks. So ho'" doc:I one ''make something OIIt of nothing at all",/ Es.'lemially.lllrou&h the dcd!calion and profclJISion.alism of Ihc FORSCOM histork;al communily. the mimoo is acromplished-oo one hides behind I jobllescription and 5lI)'S1hat il is 001 his

or her business 10 00 such·and·such,

AfTalrs NCO. Ind . 71C Execut.lve Admioistralive Assishnl. This range ortalent m»:C$ the OctacIvnCOI.5 panicularty effcClive in nontraditiorUl or comprehensive military hlSiory miuiQns. 1lIcir <Ie.

playability make them the team.

utlilty play(:B on the

The ;Jdditional-i1uty historians m»:c upthc largea Ind provide I wide rangeorhi5l0rl cal services. Fint, thcy ",rite theorpl'liutions' annual

historical revic",s, and in !he pmccu gw.:r ..

fe ' "


get relin:d in most units. Secood,

Ihcy ",rve as the organization'li point o f comact for hi5l.oricaJ staffqUC:$tions. Some FORSCOM unilS also condUCI milit.ry hil10ry education projects such as mrr rides.. batlle analysis oonfcn:noes. and military

The fOlindation of the f'om:s Command military

history program isthe FORSCOM museum at the unit and inst;allalion level. Most orthe already ove rworked museum ClIllIlOtS been designated as the installa lion historian iII'od. io some Insunoes, 1$ the unit hislOrian as This resull$ from the fact lhat- uccPl for 1hc 10ist Airhome t>ivision-nonc: of the FORSCOM unilS belo'" the corps level has a


In lIddilion,the curators and their

r.IIlge or

"'ith special pmjcCI5 omeers. The qualilicalions of lhc!;C par'l·time


very impressive. and the level of military

hlJ:tOry i\CIiviti(:5 IcncnlCd for thcir uniu; is amuing ..,hen one considers Ihat they all hive lUll-time jobs io

the unit.

In JUmmation. thl: challcnl:C or Ihc forces Com· mand military history program is to nourish this hybrid plant. prune thc dysfunctional paM. and encourage

surfs ;wvmc the lion',

of the miliwy history

healthy gro..-\h when: appropriate.


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