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World W.... /I·m. 1I""'MIIe Ar;lt..a/

Neighboring HUnl5\lll1.: AI'5leruIl :llso had a n0) table war rtwrd. The inslallaiion'l inili" production facility was activated in March 1942, and hy Octobcr ofthat year \he;mcnal had bc<:omI: the SOic manuf3C' lureTofcolored smoke munitiOO!l. Huntsville "!SCnal ;also was noted for ill vast producliOl'l of gel·type tnomcl12rlc:5. In l!ddi!ion, it prgdua:d lod e agents such as mU3Wd g<lS, phosgene, Icwisile, while phos.

carbonyl il'OO, and leat gas. During World

planed IIon 5I3ndby forpoAAihleuse by !he [kpanmcnt

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    f the Air f'om:. When ti"e Air Fom: subl!ltquenlly


of!he ancna1.1he Offia: of!he Assistant

Sccf"Clarynf!he Anny d;rcded Ihal llunlSVillc Al3Cnll


for $.tie by I July 1949. 1"hc sal.: never

happened. however. beauS(;!he Anny found il nccdcd

thi. llnd forihe Mw rocircl and

mission devel·

opi"8 II !"Iearny Redstone Arsenal. During!he SUnlmcror 1948


War 11 II\()f'C lhan 27 ml11l()l1 hems o f


all ord nance

1lad been mltlk 10 find

lions having a lotal valucofmon: than SI34.S million

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    ..,:re pIOduocd. PcoonneI of !he HunlSVillc: AI1I'CJ\aI

won !he Anny·Navy

fOllrlimes forlhelrOlWl.alld·

ing ttCOrd In !he production of..., r;quipmCllL

able land and facil hla 10 pennit thc aaivac ion of a mckel center for !he Anny's upanding work in this rl(Id. 1"hc chief 0( ordnanoe de$ilAatcd Rc:dslonc A!SCnal in Oc!ober as Ihc: ccnler of n:x;m;h and dcvclopmem activilies in the: field o f rockcts and

The Home of Army MI.uilfrJ

Once World War II ended. production II both

Redsloroc and HuntSVille AlKNIls a:ascd. Bclwa:tl I94Sm:l19471hc: facilitiesshil\edlOm:h activilic$ as rcr..waling and 5aIvaging ammunitioo

On I June 1949.heofflelaUy n:adivatcd !he menal as !he site of Ordna/lOC Rockel Center. Huntsville Arsenal cased 10 exist U I scparaac: inscli· lation on 30 JUM 1949. with ilS n:mlinill3 pcrwmcl Ir.\IUferTCd to RedslOnC AnenaL RedSlooc assumed

rewmcd rn)lt1 overseas;

ohsoictc alld cap

tum! enemy munitions; disposing of surplus prop my; da:ontamilllling atlOI:!W buildinp and r;quip ment; and placing \he production pI.1IIUI in standby storage. Rc:d5lOflC AnJC:nal was put on IIWldby JlliIUS in February 1947, while Huntsvillc Arst:nal was de

the fuoctions and mainlaining

fOT pn.lviding ,nlema! security utililies for Icssccs pendina

\"h"e fi"n"al"di"JlCl'likln o f HunlSYillc: AIKnaI's prOpeny

To ;no::n:;ase lIw:: o:eOl"""1 and cffidcncy or !he


program. !he S<:cn:t:t.ry of!he Armyon

clared ua:ss 10 Ihc: of thai. year.

of !he Ann y in Sepiember

InNovembet 1948 Huntsville Anena! won I brief when !he chid of !he 0lcmic&J Corps re· moved the irmallauon from the surplus eategOf)' and

28 Octoocr 1949 approved the

of the Ord·

I\II"ICe Research and Development Oivisioo Sub-Of· lioe (ROCket) Mr"Oft Teal$, 10 Redstooc Arse nal. Among tlYlx nns:fcm::d wen: Dr. Wcmhcr von lIraun and his leam ofGerman i!dcntISlS and cnr,inccn;


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