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....ho had come to the United States ancr World Wnll uoderOpcration PAPERCLIP. £ITcClive I Apri119SO. tre Department of !he Army omeiaUy discontiooed Huntsville Arsenal and cm.'IOlidatcd the por tionsof its land and facilit ies ....ith Rcdstone Al"5elUllO aroJrnmodate lhe ne....ly uansfcm:d Ordnance Re· sc:arch and Development Division Sub-Office(Rocket).

W i t h t h e a r r i v a l O f t h e F o r t B l i s s g r o u p h e g l M i n g o n I S A p r i l I C J s o . R c d s c o n c A r s e l W o r f i c i ; l / l y e n t e r a l !hemissile era. TIIc Ordruncc Rl:x3TCh and Ikvclop. mem Division Sub-Office (Rocket) was n::dcsignau:d lIx: Ordnance Gui<kd Minile Center aner transfer to One year lIx: ar5Cnal assumed responsibllity fnr the nationll procuremerl and lick! sc:rv;ce misJit)M. In addition to twit and applied n:SO:3TCh, development, and taling of free rockets, solid propellants, jatos. 11111 re13ted items, the Irsenal ....;e; 00.... charged ....ith rcsc:arch and developmenl uf

gui(jcd mi"ilcs.

Rockrlry, Missiluy,


Nrds/f/lu AT5tQ/, 1950·56

In April 1950 Redstone: Arsen;l/ hce:unc the home

ofllx: mnsolid.atcd Army Ordnance COfJ'S rocket and missile progr.un. 1bc: follo....ing yc.r the corps parllkd lhe JllCnan 10 include anliaircTOln missiles. rockctlaunchcrs, and solid propellants- lhe lauer two progr.uns 10 he carried OUt ill cooptTOltion

....ith Rock bland and PieatiMy ArsclWl.

1bc: inslaUalion ....as also approved in February


the sile for i:uidcd missile


ingly, on 3 Ma rch 19S2. the wmmanding officer III

Rcd5l0nc: Arsenal omcially

the Provi

sional Rl:dslOne OrdnlllOC School (PROS). The: aI'SC· rw lost jurisdiction over the sehoul. however. erTcc. liye I Ikttmber 19S2.....hen the 0n.Inana: Gu Ided Missile School (no.... the Ordnance MIs.,l1e and

Center and School) ....as estahlbhed. In lIS eighl yens <Ill the commodity 8fS(nal rur

Tlvu II( /JIt4AOMC; Dr

Arulf4l"s tllSSl ;,'PMtlIIiIlIltlMkfS: (110 f ) Maj. Orll. JOM B. MtJarU.[vSl "''''"'''It&tf ofMAlA

""" Bf"",,",MId JCicllliSi aNI<poee pioItH.; I1lId Bri,.

Mgj. Ctll.) 1If1l,U N. To{Ioy.

"""'--d "Mf. MUsilt." ..,/tn lItq"d ,OttoiMt Ito. A''''"ls InJtkrslUp It> t:OIUIOildalc lIS rt>d.i:r WIll. ...wIlt pro"amI til R,dsll1/ft Arulllll.


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