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rockets and guided missiles,

All'Cnal scNcd


center I10t only for the re5Cllrcli and but IlIso for \he procuremem, storage,

mai=lW1oCC, m:l replliroftht o::ntire family of Army



Dllrilli the peliod from

April 19SO III Marcil

RCilsionc: AllICrW managed

S(vcral impollam mlMl1c and rocket pmgrams, includ· inl: the Redstone, COrporal. Nike family, crosx,HOOCSl John, Sergeant. Lilllejohn, and Rcdc)"'.

In a:ldition to it! rocket and guided miMilc rnpIlIl' sibilitics. Rcdslone: Arst"Ilal abo retained until I July 19.56 the Chemical ammunition mi5l'ioru; formcl1y


10 wartimc RedslOIlC and Hunttyillc Arse· Followin!: IhI: Uniled Sial"-'" C1II!}' Into \he

"OR:.n War, foo. ammunition producllonllnc.s were rcadivaled from SWldby SI<llWi m:l resumed produc· lion in July Rytheendofl955 RcdslontArscmI was producing 11 majorpoM.ion ofall chemical allille,), ammunlllon used by U.S, lroops. Belween July 19S1 and July 1956 \he a=nal produced over 38.7 milli(}n oompiCle roonds ofchemlcaJ aniJIc!}, ammunition.

Ann, Ballistic. M iss/lit ..tgttlc" 1956-41

The Army Ballistic MiSJ;llc Agcncy{ASMA) was at Redstone Arsenal (}n I r-ebruary 1956

ocelluS( of tile availability of ncc=ary


the iO$lallation and the pIOVen success ofthe Redstone:

missile pro'''m. With the ICIivation of thi, new Ollani/,ltion, however, Redstone AISC1I.1l a seyen: 10$$ in mission, perwnnel, and facilities be·

cause the oore of !hi: new

came frml the


Dcvclopmrnt Divisionohhe .!"SCml·,

OnJn.ance Missile l...abot;)toncs.

A OaSIS II actiyily uncler the jllri5dic"tion of \he 'chlef of ordnmcc. A8MA', cKislCnce bel:lll with a plIICly military mission: 10 field \he Army's first inlCrmcdlate range b.allistlc mini\c (IRBM). agency was responsible Inlti.tlly for the RediUonc and Jupitcr(lRBM) missile programs; the Pcrllhin& project

WD lWil:ll(d 10 ABMA In 1'158.

Army satellite

plUl:r.lm. for which ABMA ....as best known. was ncrurcd under special order.; and "'alI nul actually =igncd as 1 mission oflhls

The peliod between)1 January 1958100 I July 1960 was 1 time of oursWldlng SUCCC'SS for the U.S. space progr.un. It was also the period during which the U.s. Army made ils mQS1 notable contrill',uiof1511l the: muion'$ splICe effort. Foremost among the Army commands and installatioN: aiding !he ruoti(}n's space mission "'lIS A8MA.


Durilli the:

mOn1ru; <tretchlng from the S\le'

launcll of Explorer I 10 the formal transfcr

ceremony ",'hich officially opened the GcoIlC C Marshall Space F1i&hr erntcr Itll.e<!stone Army accomplished several significant missions. It placed four eanh Jl\cllitcs in1ooillit; l;ulIlchcd the Free: World's fir.;tlunar probe and first satcllilC; sem Ihrce primates into Sp;I<;c-c ....o of which (Able and Bakcr) ....ere n:covcn:-d alive: initiate<! dTon onl 1.5· million-pound·thrusl booster bein, dc.<;igncd (or a lunar uploration vehicle: and bepn .....ork on 1he l a u n c h y e h i c i c " ' h l c h w o u l d c a r r y t h e f i r s t m e n i n t o " "



..., OrdlUlIIU



".d, 1958-42

On 31 March 1958. the Dcpanmrnt of the Army

created !hi:

Ordnance Missile COmmand

(AOMC) because of the

importance of

miSSile,), and lhe pressing nced fur soura:s 10 their maKimum C3p3I)\1It)'.


re· 11

activity under the the new command ....as

of the chief of ordnance. <II

Arsenal. II was the lar&esI field orgmiulion within

any of the Army's ICcltnical scrvlces in number of personnel directly engaged. value of facilities. number or weapon system J)fQlf3I1Is under lIS control, and dollars IIl100ted. llIc subordinate ck:mentll of AOMC

included ASMA; RedslOflC Ar.senal: !hi: kt Propul. sion L:r.OOrilO')' (JI'L) at the Caliromi<l Institute of TechnolOGY in Pasadena. California: and Proving Gn.>und (lalcr. Whitc Sandlr Missile New

EsWblisltnwtJ II{/hc Army R"d.t/ attd GllIdcdMwile

AgllK)' Another $Uoordlnatc clement of AOMC was the

Army Rockct and Guided Missile A&cncy (AII.GMA). Crtatedon I April 1958. Ahhoustrr.xoffieiallycsub· lishcd as an uncler the jurisdiction Of the chief ofordnancc until I June 1958. ARGMA assumed !hi: technical missi(}ns fnrmerly to RedslOllC AI5CI);lI. n.c primary mission o( the lattcr organi;r.a·

tion became that ofproviding support and housekeep ing Krvices (or the entire meruol complex. Redstone Al5CnIIl subsequently was replaced IlS !he suppon clement o( AOMC on I JUIlC 1961 b)' the Army Ordnance Missile SUPf'On Agency, the forerunner o( today's Rcdslonc; Al5Cnal Suppon A&Cocy. With the actlv<llion of AOMSA. II.cdstonc Arsenal became. pgriptUclll1oc.tion only.

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