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NASA Traru/u

On 21 Ocu')bcr 1959, Pruidcm Dwl,tll D, Ei!ICn· howt-r approved the 1I1mfcrof Amly Ballistic Missile Agency scientl!;t$ and cnginc:cr.l til the National Aero nautin and Space Administl1ltk'>n (NASA). Within a ....a:k lhe chid of onhunee advised ....OMC thaI the

worlc for NASA would be handled under the rooper:ul vc .,rttmcnt of 3 December 19S8 until Congrus Ippt'OVcd the tnnsfer. The Development Opc:ratloru: Division of ADMA, the nucleus of which W3.< Otlcmr Y()n Braun'$ team, would n.:m.Jin an Army rcspon..:ibility until phased 10 N....S.... aFter CDIl(rcs

sional aJlPtOval. The Amly·N....S....

Plan. signed by lhe

NASA admini51r.llor. the seereury of the Amly. and the acting sccn.:lary of on 16· 11 December 19S9 and approved IS MalCh 1%0. pmYldcd for ABM.... 's QOrttinued perfOmll1lCe of military weapon systems missions and pemlillcd NASA 10 establish I subsunlially independent space vehicle ra:an:h and

development organlulion on RedstDllC Arsenal.

By the end of MIlCh 1%0 AOMC"$ mission WIS o:h.:Inccd, climlTWlng the prop:u beln, transFerred 10

NASA as well;l.' al1 refcrcTlCts til spatial


vehicles and the Jel Propulsion Laboootory (which

U1lnsilionedlO NASA in

19S8). Supponlng

fef.Ca rehprojcC\.'onballislitmiSo' lies and

ided missile

weapon sysICnl.' lIS well;as scienliroc projects :wJgncd by the DcplUlmcnt of 1.hc Anny became substitute

minion., for !he AmlY Ordnance Missile Command. On I July 1960, AOMe fonnally lost all ofiUl spact'. "'laIC(! missions, along with about 4,tXXl Civilian employees and Sioo million wottlt of faCilities and equipment. tx.Mh at Redstone Al"'5mal and Cape CatUv. eraI. Florida. 10 Manhall Spa(:C }-light Cenl<:r, which

omclally opened II Redstone

the same day.

AOMe Rwrga1l;wl;OfI

AI pan of the n:organiullon of AOMC, bolh ....SMA andARGM.... were iholishcdon II Dcct:mber 1961. and their functions and personn('l were merged

whh AOMC

Knowledge of1.hc pending

Anny.widc reorgan;Ulion heavily innuena:d 1.hc conJ;Olidatiun and re!'.truClurin, of the OnJnance Mis· sile Commarld. AOMC established project offlCe5 for fOUI1CCn of the weapon systems under il.'O direction. On

New Yea(s Day 1962 !he White Sands


was removed Frum AOMC'I jurisdictlon and placed

under !he chieF of ordnance.

Al1 of 1.hcse


helped to s.moolh the transilion

from AOMC 10 the roew command thai would be established .t Redstone Arlicnal as part of the Depart·


... IIlI

/ ( I t , I K Tilt A"",'$ RMsroM . l I t r " u it MlSlitwlcptd """WriollyprodaNd.


U..s. """liS/it: tnWik /()

tkplo'jtd OW' I'M.

of!he Anny rtO'lalli7..alion in 1962.

U.S. """1 Missilt Co",tfUJnd, 1962·l'ftJt"l

11lc U.s Anny MllSile Command (MICOM) was established at RcdslOIlC Arsenal on 23 May 1962 and activated IS a Oass " ;M,:livity under the jurisdlclion of 1he U.s. Ami)' Materiel Command (AMC) on I Au· ruSt. II which tlmc AOMC officially (:Cased 10

AMC IIs.'lUmcd the

iIfId funclions of the

OffICe, Chief of Ordnance, and certain OIhe'1cchnicai scrvice.', which losl their Sta1utory durinG lhe sweeping Il"Olllani7.aLion of 1962. The Missik Com. mand was inrorporated wilh neaJly Iwcnly ma./Or mi!;.,lIc systems. eighl undcr Pn.ljcct management and

the rest unokr r;ommndity (prod1,lCl) managers.

MIRCOMIMIHIIDCOM.1977·79 FoIlowinll the

of the Army

Materiel AQluisition Review Commiltee. MICOM was on 31 h nuary 1917. III missions and personnel W\'f'e divided between the Ami)' Mlnile Malcriel Readiness Command (MIRCOM). which was urienled IOward mJul1e readiness. and tlw:- Amly MiS$ile Rescardl and command VoII RADCOM), which WU dcdlcated 10 mlnile tion. research and dcvelopnall. and Inilial procure·

Thi s

command SlruCturc lasted untn 2S

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