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April 1979. when !he Departmenl of l.hc Army 8p proved the merger of MIRCOM and MIRAOCOM

inLO I single DrJaniution 10

duplicalion. im_

prove efficiency. elimlnare Inlerfaa ;nI lr1milion

problems. and bener July 1979. MICOM

usc: dwindling n:SOUR;(S. On I IS n:actlvaled in the: firlil pan of

a two·pIme mCfler process onmpleted in October. QUler n:zlignmmtl 10 stn:.mllne the cunsolidatcd

onmm;uxl Kalnling 10 Army Maleriel Developnent and Readiness Command orsanil.allonal concepts

followed in 1980 and 1981.

P,og,Qtt1 OffIurJ AOOIhcr signlfiear1. 0'l3l1ilational change (and

dwlgc In mission) occurTCd at

A!'$I'nal I

May 1987 wilh the:

esWllishing o f foo,


officers (PF"Os). The !"EO! wen: a

key ek_nl of the Army'. n:st1lKtUn:d xquisilion J!IO<%$5. Und<::rth is paniculif reorgUliuIion the: undc, S«I'Claryof!he Arm y also hecame the Army Acquisi tion E.«:ulive. Pl:.0! reponed din:ct.Jy to Ihlol e.cell

live. whilt prOgrarnJpn:>jecl

n:ported di

n:ctly to their rnpccIivc PEOs and the: acquisition

"The PEOs;uxl pn:lStam/pmjc:CI ilCcornpiishro their missions through the usc: of func tional personnel and f"ilitia; lupplied by the: subordinale commands.

Initially. the PEOs for Forward An:l Air DcrellllC:.

C'IwIc Combat Miso;ile$. Fire Suppon, and HighIMc dium Air DcfeTl<C wen: established Rcdstone ANII'!_ l1li. The follc)wing year. in September 1988.tlle Army

Acqui si tion

directed ch.mges in the PEOs

Iocaled at Ihe arsenal as pan ofthe

o!the Army PEO

A , a rtlIU11


ution. the Forward Area Air Ocfeme and HIght' Mcdlum Air PEOs combired 10 form the new Pro&ram ElIccutive Orlia:r for Air Dcfe!1!ll:. while the PEOS for Fin:: Suppan and OuK Combat M1Mllcs

COInbincd 10 fo rm \he Pmgr.un Suppon.


A Tnldition of l:ul'llfll«

TIle Army commands cum:r1.ly localed on Red


are \he SUCCCS50Tll orearlicr Army mis·

Ilk IICtivitics" the s,arnc location. TOlby Redstone: houses the U.S. Army Missile Command; !he U.S. ArmyTcst. MCiisuremem. and DiagnostiC Equipment Support Group: the U.S. ArmyOrdnana: MiSliile and Munitions Center and School: IIlII tile U.S. Army tn formation S)'$ICITIs Command.Redstone. A major in· dustrial firm dol.. missile won:; forlhc:Army In I &0\1.


cmment-Qwncd plant is also sited on the



an: \he U.S. Army Strategic De

fen.'ll:: Command: RedWlllC Readiness Group; and !.hi: Huntsville Division. U.S. Army Col""p5 of F.nginccrs. All ofthel;ecommands n:ccivc some 5Uppon fmm the

Today RedSlOl1C Al'!IeOal has a government and

contr.tetor daily WOIt<ing pofJUlalion of about 20. HXl. Almost 4.2SO 50Idielll lire 10 the various commands at Rcdstone Dr In l1untwille. Togelher t/toso: Igcncie$ employ approximately ll.OClO gO\'(mmcnl wolters. "The combinc:d Army payroll

cxCCQ:!s $485 million ;mnullly.

For the: I..., Ihe RcdSlone

dc:cUlthe Army's mi$$lon at

CtImplex has been


wolt thai intei:raees

technology with wcap-

0Il!i forthe soldierin tir field . Twoexcelknt eumplcs an: \hedevelopmc.. Ind depIoymc" ofthe II and the: tube_launched. optically trrlcd. wire-guided (fOW) missile. The PcMing II. an IRRM.ls widdy Credited ;is being a driving force behind the U.S. SOviet Intermedi'te Nuc;lear (INI') Treaty. The TOW. the: Fn:c World·s primary milNlk

was the:

American-mack guided

fired hy U.S. tmops during cnmbat in Viclnam.

During Operation nIlSen STORM many of the

5)'$\ems ma.niicd and SlJpponed by agencies at the Redstone Arx... =civcd intemational Inenlioo. Systems such the Army Tactical Missile System (ArmyTACMS). the Multiple Launch Rockel

(Ml.RS). TOW. Hellfire. and PlolriO{ all con· tnbutedsubstantlall y tothe viClOf)' agairlSllr;1Ql fonn.

The lin;! mlSSilcs 10 be fil'l:d durin!; Operation

OI;Sf.RT STORM were Hcllflre mi!O..llcs used 10 knock 0\11 Iraqi radar so (/Illt the lighter could begin theirsuccessful airwuagairlSl Sadmt lIUS5cin·s gn)Und fon:cs. Specially modified Patriot missiks were LOdcfcnd allied and Israeli IargclUgalnst SS· l r'Scud" ballistic of iL' impressive record of Scud kills, the PalriO{ Wil$ popularly ir.nown as lhi:':


Mcccing the dtall(11i:c of providing for America's


hec" I J:QlI1 at Rcd5tOl"lC Arsenal !.incc prcpm:s for !he futu n:. \he

RedStooc Arxnal complc. will continue lIS long lIanding lradition of uccllcncc.

M,. )I,,,,y Mi


E. 81J1<e. is cnrnmafld hiswrillfl, U.s. Ct)mmIlM. RtdslOflt )I,uNlI. AiIlb<imll.

0,.KUJltllL _N1

is <I uflklr hU/Ofillfl ill wu com

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